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About Us

Nashville Landscape Designer Dalton Quigley against a wall with evergreens.

Nashville Landscape Design site is owned by:

Dalton Quigley of Quigley’s Landcaping

Thompsons Station TN.

A love of design and a history of sharing.

Nashville Landscape Design

Dalton Quigley at 650 AM WSM in Nashville TN talking about Landscape Design live on the radio with Nan and Devon.

From Dalton Quigley

I love people, the sights, sounds, colors, textures, and smells of the outdoor environment, history of landscapes, rich textured plants with presence, and materials like natural stone, and brick. When I was a kid I was the child stepping out of line to run my hand through the bushes to feel the cool leaves between my fingers, I was the one sticking my head in the Roses and Gardenias to get a deep breath, and also the one who day dreamed out the window while the teacher spoke. Today with my rich imagination and sense of textures, colors, and design principles I help ideas become reality so you can have the experience you want inĀ  your very own space. The thing that makes me the most excited is to push my abilities helping people to the next level doing creative projects that solve problems, and help to make a space authentic, beautiful, and inspiring. After helping hundreds of clients with designs and projects my next project is what I can’t wait to start. I am really great at communication, coordination, logistics, with machines, people, and plantings that bring spaces to life. I just love it all, let’s get started on your dream space.

Purpose of this website.

The purpose of this site is to have a place to post landscape designs for clients and to meet new clients with the need of landscape design services.

Some History

Dalton Quigley has been lovingly serving landscape / hardscape clients for over 25 years. He has held every capacity in the landscape industry from starting out in college performing maintenance while learning everything he could about fungus’, plant diseases, insects, turf grasses, shrubs, trees, soil and compost, design principles like color, shape, form, texture, and balance. He also loves the history of the landscape and the progression to modern landscapes with all the beauty and sophistication that it involves. No matter the style of your home, taste in plant material, or statement you want to make he can achieve your concept or help to create what you would like a space to feel like.

Where does Dalton Quigley get his ideas for your landscape design?


Dalton Quigley at Biltmore Estate Gardens.

He asks you questions during your consultation visit and takes notes. Dalton will also be doing research on the web for new innovative ideas, consulting local growers, using his experience from helping hundreds of other clients, and use ideas from visits to some of the worlds most famous gardens. Here is a photo of Biltmore Estate Gardens Below he visited in August 2017:


Biltmore Estate Gardens in Summer


Dalton has a Web Graphic Design degree. While working full time he went to school evenings to attain this degree to betterĀ  serve his clients.

Creative Design Projects History


Creative projects he has done ( Built a beach in a studio for a Keith Urban music video, built a Japanese Zen Garden for a corporate function at the Opry Convention Center, projects that have been in magazines, and worked with hundreds of clients from every background in life to achieve their ideal landscape / hardscape / waterscape space ). He likes to start with how the client is going to use the space and move on to likes and dislikes, mix in a little modern plantings, color, texture, and form and voila you get a beautiful design that is also a mix of your personal preferences.

Passion and reason blend in harmony.

A blending of passion and reason defines how your landscape design is created. Passion includes the things you love and how you include them in your life. Reason includes the strong features of your landscape, slopes, shade, sun, soil, placement, prominent lines in the environment, surfaces etc.

Our Promise to you.

We will provide excellent, timely service with a great attitude. We will keep you updated, communication is key. We will use the best materials possible for your landscaping project within your budget. Our pricing will be fair.

What we want you to do now.

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