Asian and Traditional inspired landscape design

As of the start of June 2018 a one time landscape design change update will be offered at the time of visiting clients homes for an additional charge. There will not be any changes offered in the flat rate for landscape design. Night time lighting and video fly throughs can be purchased for an additional charge.
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Design Update:

Good day the images below represent a vignette styled landscape design for the back yard that includes the ability to be interactive with the space, and some of your favorites specimen plants.

Interactive Vignette Design25 Interactive Vignette Design24

Here in the above image are a boulder with a columnar Boxwood, Rhododendrons, and Skypencil Hollies.

Interactive Vignette Design23 Interactive Vignette Design22

I included Black Magic Elephant Ears, and Green Japanese Aucuba for the corner, with boulder.

Interactive Vignette Design21 Interactive Vignette Design20

On the grill side of the back patio I have another Green Japanese Aucuba, Black Magic Elephant Ears, Stowe Columnar Pine, and a Rhododendron with boulder.

Interactive Vignette Design19

Here is you look up into the garden you can see lots of changes in shapes, spacing, color, and texture.

Interactive Vignette Design18

I often use Sedums near boulders because of amazing contrasts and there are a few to choose from. The one here is called Purple Stonecrop.

Interactive Vignette Design17

In the center image above is a Gold Hinoki Fernspray Cypress, Purple Stonecrop, Karly Rose Grass, Maiden Grass, Columnar Boxwood, and Phlox in mass to look like moss.

Interactive Vignette Design16 Interactive Vignette Design15 Interactive Vignette Design14

To the right of the man is a Serpentine Blue Atlas Cedar, and behind him are Rhododendrons.

Interactive Vignette Design13 Interactive Vignette Design12

As he faces forward he can see Driftwood, Grasses, Sedum, and the Hinoki Fernspray Cypress.

Interactive Vignette Design11 Interactive Vignette Design10

The large tree in the above image to the back is a Deodara Cedar, there are Knockout Roses next to the Cedar.

Interactive Vignette Design09

In the above image you can see a Japanese Maple in its own small bed in the distance.

Interactive Vignette Design08 Interactive Vignette Design07 Interactive Vignette Design06 Interactive Vignette Design05 Interactive Vignette Design04 Interactive Vignette Design03

The small greenish yellow mounds are Phlox and it will actually grow into one big mass that looks like moss.

Interactive Vignette Design02

Behind the person seated is a Blue Atlas Cedar, boulder, and Sedums.

Interactive Vignette Design01

Thank you for having been patient while I completed the design. I hope you have a great evening and talk with you soon.


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