Brentwood Remodel Landscape Design

As of the start of June 2018 a one time landscape design change update will be offered at the time of visiting clients homes for an additional charge. There will not be any changes offered in the flat rate for landscape design. Night time lighting and video fly throughs can be purchased for an additional charge.
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Brentwood Remodel Design87 Brentwood Remodel Design86 Brentwood Remodel Design85 Brentwood Remodel Design84 Brentwood Remodel Design91 Brentwood Remodel Design90 Brentwood Remodel Design89 Brentwood Remodel Design88

Hi there these are the basic images we spoke about. Next you will be receiving an email when the design is done.

Design Update:

Brentwood Remodel Landsc34 Brentwood Remodel Landsc33 Brentwood Remodel Landsc32 Brentwood Remodel Landsc31

Hi there I have a Crape Myrtle up near the front corner by the driveway and sidewalk with a boulder and some Karly Rose Grasses.

Brentwood Remodel Landsc30 Brentwood Remodel Landsc29

Against the house I have the same Hollies that  you already have along with a Liberty Holly at the corner.  You have Threadleaf Cypress in your landscape already so the same Threadleaf Cypress ( yellow Plants ) are used here near the front walkway to add consistency. I have also put Chrimson Pigmy Barberry which is very purple to go in front of the yellow.

Brentwood Remodel Landsc28 Brentwood Remodel Landsc27

At the other corner I have added a boulder with Karly Rose Grasses and another Liberty Holly at the corner.

Brentwood Remodel Landsc26 Brentwood Remodel Landsc25 Brentwood Remodel Landsc24 Brentwood Remodel Landsc23

In the above image the purple plant is Loropatallum.

Brentwood Remodel Landsc22 Brentwood Remodel Landsc21

Framing the entryway I have added two Green Mountain Boxwoods, and Palace Purple Coral Bells.

Brentwood Remodel Landsc20 Brentwood Remodel Landsc19

On this other side there are matching plantings and a boulder with Karly Rose Grasses. In the back against the window are Otto Luyken Laurels.

Brentwood Remodel Landsc18 Brentwood Remodel Landsc17

Here in the back we have more privacy with some Green Giant Arborvitae and some Emerald Arborvitae. Just off of the patio is a boulder for the kids to sit on and a Green Mountain Boxwood, with Little Lime Hydrangea and Karly Rose Grasses.

Brentwood Remodel Landsc16 Brentwood Remodel Landsc15

Near the center of the patio area I have put a Tamukeyama Japanese Maple with a boulder.

Brentwood Remodel Landsc14 Brentwood Remodel Landsc13 Brentwood Remodel Landsc12 Brentwood Remodel Landsc11

In the background you can see some plants in the Vegetable Garden behind a Japanese Maple Bloodgood.

Brentwood Remodel Landsc10 Brentwood Remodel Landsc09

Here on this other side of the patio are Emerald Arborvitae, Little Lime Hydrangea, and Palace Purple Coral Bells.

Brentwood Remodel Landsc08 Brentwood Remodel Landsc07 Brentwood Remodel Landsc06

The green tree next to the Japanese Maple Tree is a Japanese Zelcova which as great fall color.

Brentwood Remodel Landsc05 Brentwood Remodel Landsc04 Brentwood Remodel Landsc03

This is where you will want to write down all of your notes just in case there is anything I missed or you would like to see changed.

Final Update:

Colorful Front Landscape01

Here we can see I put a Japanese Maple ( Coral Bark / Sango Kaku ) in the landscape. This plant gives off amazing color during the Fall and has beautiful Coral colored stems in winter. My images are all stock so I can’t change them much.  You would grow the tree so the branches are up in the air and not blocking your view.

Colorful Front Landscape02

In these images I have added more Loropeatallum against the wall instead of the green Hollies, and I also added a Divinely Blue Deodar Cedar among the plants in the large bed.

Colorful Front Landscape03

Another change you may notice are the green Junipers around the boulders. There are several varieties to choose from in our local market.

Colorful Front Landscape04 Colorful Front Landscape05

Here in the above image you can see the Birchleaf Spirea in front of the garage between the Hollies and the Barberry.

Colorful Front Landscape06

In these images everything is the same other than the Japanese Maple is now a Bloodgood Japanese Maple.

Colorful Front Landscape07 Colorful Front Landscape08 Colorful Front Landscape09 Colorful Front Landscape10 Colorful Front Landscape11

I hope you have an awesome day and talk with you soon. Thank you.


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