Brentwood TN Fun yard

As of the start of June 2018 a one time landscape design change update will be offered at the time of visiting clients homes for an additional charge. There will not be any changes offered in the flat rate for landscape design. Night time lighting and video fly throughs can be purchased for an additional charge.
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Hi there, here are the basic images. If you find something you want to share on Pinterest etc there is a form below to put the links.

Design Update:


Hi there in your design I am trying to make a fun space that is simple to enjoy and care for.

TN-Pool-Waterfall TN-Pool-Waterfall-2

The tallest plants you see are Italian Cypress, we won’t be able to get them that tall but they grow pretty fast.

TN-Pool-Waterfall-3 TN-Pool-Waterfall-4 TN-Pool-Waterfall-5

There is a blank space against the wall and that is where we will be putting plants that are mismatched or left over from the yard.


In order to bring order to the chaos we will have to transplant some plants.


The po0l  now has a different stone wall with waterfalls, Gardenias on both sides, boulders, a Tamukeyama Japanese Maple, Goldenmops Threadleaf Cypress and a Fat Albert Blue Spruce.

TN-Pool-Waterfall-8 TN-Pool-Waterfall-9 TN-Pool-Waterfall-10 TN-Pool-Waterfall-11

Under the Japanese Maple I have a boulder and Heuchera in a light green to golden color, there are a few varieties to choose from.


Around this patio I put some Hosta and Japanese Aucuba Gold Dust. The ground covers to the right are already there.

TN-Pool-Waterfall-13 TN-Pool-Waterfall-14

The Oakleaf Hydrangea on the right are repeated in the same spot directly across the yard in other images.


The white blooming plants are Rose of Sharon that we were talking about.

TN-Pool-Waterfall-16 TN-Pool-Waterfall-17 TN-Pool-Waterfall-18 TN-Pool-Waterfall-19

For the Hot tub area I have Skip Laurels planned and they don’t look exactly like these ones above because they  are more full. My program has them pretty wide so it is hard to use the examples in the program. These are a different type of Laurel.


I put Hydrangea on either side of the path to the Jacuzzi.

TN-Pool-Waterfall-21 TN-Pool-Waterfall-22

Take a look at these and give me some feedback.

Design Update Jacuzzi to Pergola sitting area.

TN-Pool-Waterfall-23 TN-Pool-Waterfall-24 TN-Pool-Waterfall-25 TN-Pool-Waterfall-26 TN-Pool-Waterfall-27 TN-Pool-Waterfall-28

Hi there here is a representation of what a pergola over a patio with privacy plantings would look like. I can make it a garden, or a shed for tools possibly. I typically work on pricing after we get a done with the images. Thank you so much for your patience lately,  now things should progress much more quickly. Talk soon.

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