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Basic Design Images:

Lake-House Lake-House-1

These are very basic images,  more will be posted soon. Thank you for your patience.

Landscape Design Images:

Lake-House-2 Lake-House-3 a Franklin TN Landscape Design Lake-House-4 Lake-House-5 Lake-House-6 Lake-House-7 a Franklin TN Landscape Design

The above views are from the directions your neighbors will see the yard.


In the above view you can see the pink are Endless Summer Autmn Belle, the palms are Windmill Palms once they grow, there is Variegated Ginger, Elephant Ears, some prickley Hollies for the geese near the water. Two of the larger Hollies are Liberty Hollies, a few Banana Plants, and the Purple leaved Cannas.

Lake-House-9 Lake-House-10 Lake-House-11

I made the retaining wall out of boulders but I can change it to a regular wall if you like.

Lake-House-12 Lake-House-13 Lake-House-14 Lake-House-15 Lake-House-16 Lake-House-17 Lake-House-18 Lake-House-19 Lake-House-20 Lake-House-21 Lake-House-22 Lake-House-23 Lake-House-24 Lake-House-25

Hi there take a look at what I have  presented here and let me know of any changes you would like.

Design changes and items missing from the beginning.


Here in the above image I have added the fence with gate from your home to the neighbors fence.


In this above image we can see the bed island has been moved to closer to the fence and property line.


In this image you can see how more open the yard is after moving the bed island.


In this view you can see what the neighbor will see on the East side.


I have added the plants on the East side of the home.


In this above view you can see the three palms are still in the field of view, next I am taking them out for the rest of the design images. The patio is also 25’wide from the home.

Lake-House-33 Lake-House-34

A logical place for the grill is where you can be a part of things while entertaining and the grill is out of the field of view.


The steps have been changed to stone but I kept the railings. Also the deck has been moved into the proper position.

Lake-House-36 Lake-House-37

Looking back toward the fire pit area without the palms.


Here above you can see the place to store fire wood.

Lake-House-39 Lake-House-40 Lake-House-41

In the above view you can see the prickley Hollies.


In the above image I have added the posts with ropes in the island bed, at one point I had added them to the far beds by the lake but realized how they did block the view some.

Lake-House-44 Lake-House-45

Have a great night and talk to you guys soon.

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