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Changing RRTie wall to a Brick wall

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Changing a RRTie wall into a Brick wall.


The existing rrtie retaining wall is deteroriated and beginning to fall in areas.


There is no drainage built into the existing wall.


The existing wall is 7′ from the home and the new planned wall will be 10′ away from the home which will open  the space by 3′.


The new wall will have a concrete foundation, rebar in core filled concrete block that has brick mortared onto the outside with a stone cap.


The new wall will have a 4″ wide perforated drain pipe  with gravel inside of the wall that will drain down hill from the area of the wall.


Graphic images showing new wall look, position, and dimensions.



The planned wall will be 4′ tall and 62′ long and will have columns on the ends.


 The cap for the wall will be a simple stone 2″ cap.



If you have any questions you can call me at 615-715-8216 Dalton Quigley.



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