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Franklin TN Landscape Design Side yard

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Hi there now that the house is all in the system I am starting on the design. I will be sending you an email to let you know

when I should be done. The date may change as I get closer.

Franklin backyard designer22

Good evening, I hope your day has gone well. The goals I wanted to accomplish are a designated grill area, a fire pit area, screening the a/c unit, providing privacy, interesting upscale plants, and making the space interesting and fun to be in.

Franklin backyard designer21

The plants you are seeing are Columnar European Hornbeams, Pink Drift Roses, Liberty  Hollies, Green Mountain Boxwoods, and Bobo Hydrangeas.

Franklin backyard designer20

The large evergreen by the firepit area is a Varigated Fernspray Hinoki Cypress, and across from it is a Tamukeyama Japanese Maple for a great contrast in shape and color.

Franklin backyard designer19

I made the steps go to the side so it would preserve as much of the patio as possible.

Franklin backyard designer18

We can install the steps but for the metal railing there are businesses that specialize in metal railings locally to use.

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The Liberty Hollies will get large enough to screen the noise and looks of the a/c unit.

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You guys had suggested just making the path to the gate on this side a simple stepping stone path.

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The evergreen on the right is a Degroots Spire Arborvitae, and the yellow plants are actually more pretty in person they are kaleidoscope Abelia.

Franklin backyard designer06

Here on the driveway I was trying to keep it open for seeing when drivers are rounding the corner. The plants are Juddii Viburnum that you would trim to keep low, Pink Drift Roses, a Crimson Queen Japanese Maple, a Japanese Cherry Tree, Kaleidoscope Abelia along the driveway, and Purple Stonecrop by the boulder with Sweet Flag.

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There is an evergreen just on the outside of the gate on the right and it is a Hinoki Cypress but I don’t remember the variety at the moment. I will figure it out and let you know what it is.

Franklin backyard designer02

Here on the street side I have a couple different options: 1. to make it a simple rock area to eliminate maintenance, or to use a tough variety of low growing grass that will fill the space making it easy to care for.

Franklin backyard designer01

Please review the images here and lets schedule a day and time to go over it by phone. Have a wonderful evening and talk to you soon.

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