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Basic house1

Basic house2

These are the first set of basic images. There is a form below for you to send me links if there is something you want to share.




In this first image you can see a stone walkway leading into the back yard with some plants and activity going on.

EnglishGarden3 EnglishGarden4 EnglishGarden5 EnglishGarden6

The above few images are showing the view of what the neighbors will see when everything fills in.

EnglishGarden7 EnglishGarden8 EnglishGarden9 EnglishGarden10 EnglishGarden11 EnglishGarden12 EnglishGarden1


The plants you are seeing are two types of Coneflower, Catmint, the existing plants against the fence, and Pieris.

EnglishGarden14 EnglishGarden15

In the above image you can see a couple of bushes against the wall and those are Japanese Aucuba which do well on a North facing side.


Here under the corner Willow Trees are Endless Summer Hydrangea, there is also a Butterfly Bush to the right.


In this above image I left a small yard for kids to play with a bench. The plants are Maiden Grass, and Lilly of the Nile Agapanthus.


There is a pink blooming Apple Tree in the yard as well which will offer some blooms and Apples later in the year which bring in birds and are colorful.



EnglishGarden20 EnglishGarden21

The small conical evergreen is a Green Mountain Boxwood.

EnglishGarden22 EnglishGarden23

I remember Kristi mentioning an arbor with a swing and you guys asked me not to put it in and if you want on the change I will remove it. I was going with the words Quaint, Cozy, and English Garden and the arbor swing went perfectly.

EnglishGarden24 EnglishGarden25

From this above image you can see a child looking out over the graveled path of a small flower butterfly garden.

EnglishGarden26 EnglishGarden27

The plants in this image are Plox Paniculata,White Daisies, Creeping Phlox, and Delphiniums.

EnglishGarden28 EnglishGarden29 EnglishGarden30 EnglishGarden31

In the above images you can see the grilling area and it has a small refridgerator, grill, and smoker.

EnglishGarden32 EnglishGarden33 EnglishGarden34 EnglishGarden35

From the above two images you can see two walkways and a graveled herb garden, the raised bed represented is 1′ tall, 4′ wide, and 8′ long. There are three Tomato plants, a couple of basil, a couple of Thyme and a Sage.

EnglishGarden36 EnglishGarden37 EnglishGarden38

In the above image you can see a child sitting on a boulder by the grill area and similar plants repeated from on the other side of the yard.

EnglishGarden39 EnglishGarden40

Across the back long fence area I have placed three Green Giant Arborvitae and a few Annabelle Hydrangea. Behind the grill are Gardenias for that amazing summer fragrance.

EnglishGarden41 EnglishGarden42

I also placed a bird bath in the design since most of your back yard living will be closer to the house birds may use the birdbath close to the large shrubs. Please look over these and no need to rush but put together all of your change ideas so I can make one big change for you. Talk to you soon.


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