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Tropical Modern Desert in Thompsons Station TN

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Tropical Desert Land Design017 Tropical Desert Land Design018 Tropical Desert Land Design019 Tropical Desert Land Design020

Hi there, here you can see we have created the house in the computer.

Design Update:

Modern Tropical Desert Desi016

Hi there, here you can see from under the covered porch the outdoor living area including a cantilevered roof.

Modern Tropical Desert Desi015

The dark border will be a paver and will be level with the concrete and other pavers. It looks sunken on the design but wouldn’t in real life unless that is what you want. I also included large planters with Banana plants in them.

Modern Tropical Desert Desi014

I don’t have a refrigerator in my images so the part that looks like a dish washer represents the refrigerator. Here you can see the area for the green egg, grill, pizza oven, fire wood, sink, and counter space for guests while cooking is happening.

Modern Tropical Desert Desi013

For the grill area I have represented a modern paver by Techo-Bloc.

Link to the Techo-Bloc website with many great options – Techo_Bloc.

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From here you can see there is a border of natural stone pebbles around the outdoor living area.

Modern Tropical Desert Desi011

Stepping stones give you a path to the side yard. The grasses you see are Karly Rose Grasses, and Panicum North wind.

Modern Tropical Desert Desi010 Modern Tropical Desert Desi009

From here you can see a Golden Fernspray Hinoki Cypress with Taylor Junipers behind it and more Northwind and Karly Rose Grasses.

Modern Tropical Desert Desi008

The side yard is bordered with Skip Laurels.

Modern Tropical Desert Desi007 Modern Tropical Desert Desi006

In the above image I have left the space open for play.

Modern Tropical Desert Desi005

Here are a few more images from different angles.

Modern Tropical Desert Desi004

We also have three Cherry Trees just outside of the fence.

Modern Tropical Desert Desi003 Modern Tropical Desert Desi002 Modern Tropical Desert Desi001

Thank you and lets set a day and time to talk about what you see here. Talk to you soon.

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