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Jacuzzi Back Yard

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Jacuzzi back yard27

Here in the above image we can see the prominent lines in the area drawn over the landscape.

Jacuzzi back yard26

I did start with your sketch, and took it forward from there. In the images you will see Drift Roses, May Night Salvia, Skip Laurels, Green Mountain Boxwoods, and Osmanthus False Holly.

Jacuzzi back yard25

The pinkish colorred plants with flowers are the Coral Drift Roses, and the purple perennials are May Night Salvia.

Jacuzzi back yard24

The taller green bushes for privacy are Skip Laurels and the small cone shaped bushes are Green Mountain Boxwoods.

Jacuzzi back yard23

The walkway is represented as gravel with stepping stones, and the patio is represented as gray pavers.

Jacuzzi back yard22 Jacuzzi back yard21 Jacuzzi back yard20

Here in the images I am representing the concrete pad as cleaned up and grayish with a gray paver.

Jacuzzi back yard19 Jacuzzi back yard18 Jacuzzi back yard17

The plants along the wall  and around the Jacuzzi are the Osmanthus False Holly.

Jacuzzi back yard16 Jacuzzi back yard15 Jacuzzi back yard14 Jacuzzi back yard13 Jacuzzi back yard12 Jacuzzi back yard11 Jacuzzi back yard10 Jacuzzi back yard09

Edging along the fence.

Jacuzzi back yard08 Jacuzzi back yard07

Representing a stone texture on stamped concrete.

Jacuzzi back yard06 Jacuzzi back yard05 Jacuzzi back yard04

Take a look over these images and lets talk by phone, if you guys don’t need any changes I can start on the pricing for the work. Thank you and have an awesome day.

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