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Comfortable Backyard

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Hi there we are currently working on the design and I will be emailing you when we are finished. Have a great day.

Design update:


Here below you can see we start at the gate by the parking spaces on the side of your home.

Private Backyard21

Where the grass would not grow I have put some Hicksii Yews on the inside of the gate.

Private Backyard20

In the above picture you can see a Tamukeyama Japanese Maple, Green Mountain Boxwood, and Liberty Hollies. The patio and walkway is represented as flagstone.

Private Backyard19

The covered area has cedar posts and stone wrapped around the bottom of them and the covered area is the same size as the old patio.

The next three images help you to see what it is like under the covered patio.

Private Backyard18 Private Backyard17

Around the fire pit patio I made a gray paver border. Behind the fire pit another Japanese Cedar for privacy.

Private Backyard16

The two Emerald Arborvitae have been moved from one side of the yard to the opposite side where they will get more sun and be with a few more too create a privacy screen.

Private Backyard15

The plants around the grill are columnar Boxwoods, and Rose Creek Abelia. Along the wall are Liberty Hollies and Hosta Big Blue.

Private Backyard14 Private Backyard13 Private Backyard12 Private Backyard11

The yard has open spaces and is private at the same time.

Private Backyard10 Private Backyard09 Private Backyard08 Private Backyard07 Private Backyard06 Private Backyard05 Private Backyard04

There is a small hidden area for children to explore.

Private Backyard03 Private Backyard02 Private Backyard01

Along the fence are some Hicksii Yews which will grow to become a solid hedge providing privacy. I have also represented decorative gravel along the bed where water will stop eroding the area.

Private Backyard24 Private Backyard23 Private Backyard22

Please review these images and discuss what I have here. If you are ready for pricing I can start working on that as well. Thank you.

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