Cloverland Park entry landscape design

As of the start of June 2018 a one time landscape design change update will be offered at the time of visiting clients homes for an additional charge. There will not be any changes offered in the flat rate for landscape design. Night time lighting and video fly throughs can be purchased for an additional charge.
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Crape Myrtle and Liberty Holly Version

Good day here is the landscape design we spoke about below:


Clovercroft Entryway Sign L06

In this version of the design I have a Muskogee Crape Myrtle in the back of the sign and two Liberty Hollies flanking the sign as well. Liberty Hollies only get 9′ tall so they are much lower maintenance than the Hollies you have there now. Liberty Hollies are very slow growing with a great dark green glossy leaf that doesn’t scratch you.

Clovercroft Entryway Sign L11

All of the plants planned don’t get tall enough to block the sign much, and are drought tolerant, low maintenance, and colorful. At the sign right now there are Leriope grasses just under the sign and those would stay. Just in front of the very small grasses are Pink Blooming Veronica.

Clovercroft Entryway Sign L13

Around each of the hollies are three dwarf Pennesetum Grasses, these return every year,  move when the wind blows, and have a pretty plume at the end of summer.

Clovercroft Entryway Sign L07

The Blue plants are Blue Star Juniper which¬† you don’t have to do anything to for maintenance.

Clovercroft Entryway Sign L09

The small red plants are Red Carpet Sedum which is a desert succulent and a desert plant. They will slowly spread to form a low cluster of red which is colorful all year round. This plant comes in a few other colors as well. It will never spread where you don’t want it, as long as no one steps on it there will be a colorful splash where ever they are.

Clovercroft Entryway Sign L08

Emerald Arborvitae Version

Clovercroft Entryway Sign L02

The items that are changed in this version are now we have Emerald Arborvitae evergreens around the sign, and I am showing two different colors of the Sedum ( red, and yellow ).

Clovercroft Entryway Sign L01 Clovercroft Entryway Sign L10 Clovercroft Entryway Sign L12 Clovercroft Entryway Sign L05 Clovercroft Entryway Sign L04 Clovercroft Entryway Sign L03

Thank you and please give me any feedback you have so I can prepare the pricing. Talk to you soon.

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