Cozy modern landscape design in Spring Hill TN

As of the start of June 2018 a one time landscape design change update will be offered at the time of visiting clients homes for an additional charge. There will not be any changes offered in the flat rate for landscape design. Night time lighting and video fly throughs can be purchased for an additional charge.
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IMG_5095 IMG_5119
Basic-House Basic-House-Back

Hi there these are the first images simply showing the home as a blank slate. In three work days I should have the landscape design completed. There is a form at the bottom of this page where you can send me links if you find something on the web that you want to share.

First Design Images:


The above image shows Annabelle Hydrangeas along the side of the home with an Emerald Arborvitae at the corner to match the other corner.

Brentwood-Landscape-Design Nashville-Landscape-Design

From this view above you can see a blue blooming flower and that is Agapanthus ( Lilly of the Nile ). The pink is a Dianthus of which there are a few to choose from.

Franklin-Landscape-Design Nolensville-landscape-design Corner-landscaping

In the above view you can see that I added another Emerald Arborvitae to hide the utilities.


Pink = Dianthus, Yellow are the Golden Mops that you already have and the blue is Agapanthus.

Landscape-Designer-Spring-Hill Boulder-Design-Spring-Hill

Here near the boulder is a Pink variety of Veronica. I also saved the one Daylilly that is already there along with the grasses you already have.


The conical evergreens are Green Mountain Boxwoods.


In the above image you can see I have extended the deck a little because it is so very small.

Nashville-Back-yard Arborvitae-Design

The Emerald Arborvitae are to give you some privacy while in the back yard.

Paver-back-Yard Back-yard-pavers sitting-area

Under the deck are some Bleeding Heart. They need shade and in this view they are dark because they are in the shade of the steps.


The low growing blueish purple is Campanula, and the taller purple is a Geranium Rozanne, the pink is Dianthus, and the evergreens in the back ground are Hicksii Yews.


Here you can see the increase in the size of the deck.

Nashville-Decks Spring-Hill-Deck-Design Hardscape-Design-Spring-Hill

The above view is from a small section of deck that travels along the wall.


From the above view you can see more Dianthus, Campanula, and Agapanthus. The white blooming bush is Chuck Hayes Gardenia.

outdoor-seating Spring-Hill-Landscape-Design

Design Update Style of Deck Steps:


Here I am presenting to you 3 different style of deck step possibilities, the original and two others. The reason I haven’t modified the patio etc is each image represents a file for the design I  have saved. We need to decide on a deck step style since the flow of everything will be made around it. The original style of deck steps I presented is above.


Above is another option of deck steps style.


And lastly this is the way you guys requested. If you decide to keep this style I will design everything around how the steps are but it doesn’t seem there is room to do the steps this way because to get the steps where they are I had to make the height of each step 8″ which is a bit taller than you would actually want and it steps off into the drainage area.

Deck Update on Drainage Ditch Side:

1st Option from the drainage side.

3-Deck-Options 3-Deck-Options2 3-Deck-Options3

2nd Option from the drainage side.


From this above image of the second option it seems the deck steps will wind up where the A/C is.

If I haven’t shown what you have in mind just let me know and I will update the images to reflect what you are thinking.

Spiral Staircase:

Spiral-Staircase-4 Spiral-Staircase-3 Spiral-Staircase-2 Spiral-Staircase-1

Hi there I was expecting an email today showing what the spiral staircase looked like so I used an average looking one I found. I was also needing to know about how large you guys were thinking on the open patio portion so I could design the plantings around it.  Hope you have a fantastic weekend, if you can send some rough dimensions of the large portion I will go ahead and change it. I looked through all of my emails and texts and couldn’t find where you guys said how much you wanted the patio increased. I also included an image showing the additional deck dimensions for you to be able to visualize how far out the deck goes.

Design Update:


In this design update I have made the patio larger to 15’9″ x 15’9″ and I have curved the outer edges to show you how that could look. I changed the patio to a more modern look with a brown color and different shapes in the pavers.

Brown-Patio-TN Brown-Patio-TN4 Brown-Patio-TN3 Brown-Patio-TN2

Hope you guys are doing well. Can you let me know if you like the changes and are ready for pricing? Talk soon.

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