Do I have to do the landscape work with you?

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Do I have to do the work on the design with you?

As of November 2019 we have performed hundreds of amazingly transformative landscape designs for spaces throughout the Nashville TN area. Our pricing is very affordable for almost anyone to be able to have expert designer Dalton Quigley visit with them and create a one of a kind unique rich environment in 3D graphics. We are planning on doing at least part of any landscape design we perform. If you do not intend to do work with us then you must state this up front and your pricing will be in line with that expectation.

Our expectation is that you are going to perform part of the landscape design with us.

The price you have paid for a landscape design with us is far more valuable than you have been charged unless you have stated up front that you aren’t going to be doing work with us. Our pricing is the industry standard for the quality of materials and plants you will receive. No one will do a better job on your project than Quigley’s Landscaping. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

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