Landscape Design Money is Fully Earned

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All landscape design payments are fully earned from the time the payment is collected.


Screen shot of costs for a detailed landscape design in the USA according to public information on google August 2017.

Landscape-Design-Search-Results August 2017

Our costs are not $4200  for an average home but google says it is an average across the country. A typical 1/4 acre home will pay under $1000 for a landscape design with us.

Call us to get a rough estimate of a landscape design for your home – 615-715-8216

Fully earned design payment.

During the performance of landscape design services we have to visit your home ( gas and time ), spend time taking photos, measuring, and sketching. Time discussing your design preferences, researching materials and plantings, and the many steps to add images to the web page with text and a watermark. Landscape Design rates vary by professional from $75 to $150 per hour and will generally include the items listed above. Because this can be costly to add each interaction that relates to your design we have come up with a flat rate to make things easier on everyone. Since our rates are more competitive and costs are adding up from when we make a visit to your home we consider the design payment fully earned from that day forward. We do not give refunds.

We perform design for clients who are doing projects with us.

We perform design services with the intention of installing the designs we create, this is one reason our design service may be more affordable than other companies. If you are not going to do a project with us or there is the potential of not doing a project with us simply let us know and we will charge the appropriate rate.

House images.

We take many photos while on your property so your home can be reproduced in our CAD program. If after two years you haven’t contacted us to do further updates we will delete your home images to make space in our computer storage. If we need to visit again there may be additional fees so we can take photos of the current conditions of your land and structures.


At this time you can one change which is covered on our changes page.

Video Fly throughs.

You can add a video fly through of the design for an additional $100 on most properties.

Thank you.

Thank you for considering us for your design project.


What we want you to do now.

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How many landscape design changes do I get?


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