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As of the start of June 2018 a one time landscape design change update will be offered at the time of visiting clients homes for an additional charge. There will not be any changes offered in the flat rate for landscape design.
Before June 2018 – The design update that comes with your flat price is one update where you give us all of your changes at once. Additional changes will cost a separate amount. Video fly through’s, and night time lighting images are available for an additional fee.
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We have started on the design and here is the representation of your home.

Original Image of your home.


Image of home before Landscape Install.


Best Nashville Landscape Designer Dalton Quigley of Quigleys Landscaping Nashville TN

The above photo does not yet show the fencing, plants, plant beds, and gravel area with seating. I will be updating this design from time to time over the next few days.

Nashville Landscape Design for Uptown Homes by Dalton Quigley.

In the above image a concrete walkway was added along with the picket fencing that is at your home.


Nashville Landscape Design Fenced area of front yard.

In the above image the trees that are present at your home were added.


Front Yard of Garden Nashville Landscape Designer Dalton Quigley with Boulders and a Crape Myrtle.

In the above image I added mulch to most of the yard because having more garden is a priority and lessening the lawn surface,

this could be changed to have more lawn if you like. I also added the gravel area we spoke about and put in boulders for seating.

In the next images I will change many things. Just send me a message through the form below to let me know which items are more

important after viewing these images.

table in the gravel of the front yard.

The above image is here because the client requested seeing a table and chairs for size comparison.

Brentwood TN Landscape Designer Dalton Quigley of Quigleys Landscaping.

More Crape Myrtles were added  to the front near the fence and giving space to the arbor for a vine type plant to grow on.

Also a Japanese Maple was added near the sidewalk corner.

Dalton Quigley Landscape Designer of Nashville and Brentwood TN Front Yard Knockout Roses Viburnum Otto Luykens Crape Myrtles, and gravel area with boulders.

In the above image Knockout roses were added to the right fence area, and Otto Luykens by the porch.

Landscape Design Company in Brentwood Tn for Front Yard Modern Landscapes.

A few pieces of flagstone for a transition between the porch and gravel area were added as well as an Arborvitae to the right front corner of the porch and Peonese in groupings. I also added an evergreen to give a sense of enclosure near the Japanese Maple by the sidewalk.


Now in the above image you can clearly see the evergreen by the fence. Since you have so much traffic and noise this adds a simple barrier while

keeping the rest of the view open.

Nashville Landscaping Company Designing Outdoor Spaces in Tennessee.

Nashville Landscaping Company providing Designer Services to Tennessee.

I have added Coral Bells Palace Purple to the image in groupings.

Tennessee Landscape Design top down view of the garden and hardscapes.

The above image shows the grass area expanded. I can make it larger if you like just let me know.

Landscape Design Company Nashville Tn view from inside of the fence of the lawn next to the gravel area without boulders.

The boulders in the gravel have been taken out. Here above we can see the hibiscus with the red blooms near the coral bells and viburnum.

Landscape Designer Nashville TN this view shows the stepping stone path, crape myrtles, and knockout roses.

Here is another view where you can see there are no boulders.

Nashville Landscape Design Company Image shows view from streetwith darker fence and grass area expanded.

And this view is from the street.

Nashville Front Yad Design shows a walkway and garden with roses, and evergreens

Here in the image above I have removed the gravel area entirely and made the grass area larger.

Front Yard Garden Design in Nashville TN.

Different view of the same change larger grass area and no gravel area.

Nashville Front Yard Landscape Design Company.

Same design different view.

Nashville Garden Designer Dalton Quigley of Quigleys Landscaping.

The above is the same design different view.

Nashville Flagstone Walkway Design.

In the above image I have re-added the gravel area in a different shape and have changed the walkway to flagstone.

I am sharing an idea I have to improve the walkway, I understand we will not be doing a walkway project.

Nashville Mulch garden design beds.

In the above image I have added ferns to the flagstone walkway image.

Tennessee Landscape Design Image

All of the gravel area has been removed and hosta has been added to the landscape, I also switched out the tall evergreen Arborvitae for a Dwarf Alberta Spruce.

Tennessee Landscape Designer Dalton Quigley.

The above image is a front view with the new hosta and evergreen on the right corner.

Franklin Tn Landscape Designer

The above image has May Night Salvia for a splash of color near the entryway. The red are the hibiscus you mentioned.

Franklin Tn Landscape Designer

In these two images the one above and below I have Dianthus as a splash of color, Dianthus comes in Pink , Red, white, and combinations of pink, red, and white.

I also added two yellowy gold plants near the entrance ( Golden Mops Cypress ).

Franklin TN Landscape Designer Front yard.

———————————————————————————————————————————————–Newest Below this Line

In the below images I have expanded the lawn area more and re-arranged the plants.

Spring Hill Landscape Design in Tennessee


Spring Hill Tn Landscape Designs


Spring Hill TN Landscaping by Quigley's Landscaping.

Please take a look at these and send me a message in the form below. Talk soon.


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