Landscaping the slope

As of the start of June 2018 a one time landscape design change update will be offered at the time of visiting clients homes for an additional charge. There will not be any changes offered in the flat rate for landscape design. Night time lighting and video fly throughs can be purchased for an additional charge.
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Landscaping a slope02 Landscaping a slope03 Landscaping a slope00 Landscaping a slope01

Good evening these are the first basic images in the first email I mentioned. There is one more email and it will have the completed design. If you guys have any additional input please text me anytime before 7pm, like if you remember some plants you like and wanted to include.

Completed Design:

Landscaping a Slope04

Hi there I hope you are having a good day. The above image is a top down view of the back yard beds from the long wall back toward the home.

Landscaping a Slope30 Landscaping a Slope29 Landscaping a Slope28 Landscaping a Slope27

In t he above image the red plants are Palace Purple Coral Bells or Mars Coral bells, the Hosta are Golden Tierra which is beautiful in the summer with many blooms and bright leaves.

Landscaping a Slope26

Everything here has a low profile to preserve the view down the hill.

Landscaping a Slope25

The red blooming plants in these images are Encore Azaleas, and the green conical plants near the walkways are Green Mountain Boxwoods.

Landscaping a Slope24 Landscaping a Slope23

In the above image the fern below the steps is Ostrich Fern, they grow large and lush. This will make a dark space under the steps look much more attractive.

Landscaping a Slope22 Landscaping a Slope21

The lime looking plant near the boulder is a Viridis Japanase Maple. This variety of Japanese Maple is very low growing and perfect for the conditions you have in the back yard.

Landscaping a Slope20 Landscaping a Slope19

In the design I have included some white blooming Hydrangea that grow under waist high called Bobo.

Landscaping a Slope18 Landscaping a Slope17

Where ever you see the Green Mounntain Boxwoods if you look closely at the bottom of them you will see Japanese Painted Ferns. This low growing rich textured fern has maroon, silver, and green which is always attractive in a yard like yours with on and off sunlight between the trees.

Landscaping a Slope16 Landscaping a Slope15

I did not place a bed around the tree on the left side of the yard to preserve the lawn area.

Landscaping a Slope14 Landscaping a Slope13 Landscaping a Slope12 Landscaping a Slope11

Here around the shed since you will be bringing equipment in and out to use in the yard I left it mostly open.

Landscaping a Slope10 Landscaping a Slope09

The next three images below are from up on the deck looking down at the patio and landscape.

Landscaping a Slope08 Landscaping a Slope07 Landscaping a Slope06 Landscaping a Slope05

Please let me know if you are ready for me to begin estimating the work. If you are I am going to have some questions. Thank you and talk soon.

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