How many landscape redesigns do I get?

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Landscape Redesigns.

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With our pricing for landscape design services you get a visit to your home, consulting on plants and other materials, a web page where your design will be placed, and then you will be able to request that changes be made for an additional amount depending on your property and needs.

1 Redesign can be purchased for an additional fee after may 2018

Your landscape design does not come with any changes. If you need the landscape design to be redesigned you can pay the fee through the Venmo app to us and we will make the changes. A change is a group of ideas. For instance you may want to see the hard surface changed from stone to pavers, or the shape of the patio shown to you as round, kidney ( natural organic curves ), or square, you may even want to see more perennials, larger beds, arbor, or grilling area included. One change may cover many ideas at once. Once we have completed your design it is time for you to think of all the things you would like to see differently. So we ask that our clients take a few moments, look things over, look at other designs on the web, think about what they are seeing and request changes knowing that it  will save you time and money to make the changes at once.

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How many landscape design changes do I get?


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