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As of the start of June 2018 a one time landscape design change update will be offered at the time of visiting clients homes for an additional charge. There will not be any changes offered in the flat rate for landscape design. Night time lighting and video fly throughs can be purchased for an additional charge.
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This design is going to be a change in look and usability on a Nashville Tennessee property. The front yard will be more modernized while also keeping in mind that simple is better than overly full at the clients request. I am starting with posting the clients home as it stands today and then following with three initial graphic images of a basic shell that we can change to the clients needs. This front yard in Nashville TN is going to under go a landscape renovation.

Older Graphics we no longer use.

The new 3d graphic images representing the front  yard are below:

These are the first images of the front yard without the new landscape. They are a basic outline i will start with.


This is a top down view of the front yard landscape.


This is a view from the side of the landscape bed area.


New Front Yard Images Beyone This Point:

Option 1


This is a nashville front yard landscape design beginning with flagstone for a walkway.

This image above shows two stone walls to add some structure to the landscape. One small wall at the property line and one near the driveway.


This is a design with camelias and a cap yew with a stone walkway. Front yard Landscape Designs by Dalton Quigley.

The plant on the corner is a Cap Yew and next to it are three Camelia ( Pink Icicle ). The image of the camelia is not exact.

Nashville Front yard Garden Landscape Design with boxwoods, coral bells, dwarf boxwoods and natural gray flagstone.

From this view we can see in the curved wall are dwarf butterfly bush, along the walkway are Coral Bells ( Palace Purple ) and a Japanese  Maple ( Coral Bark ) because

the landscape is in the shade the light green to yellow color will brighten up the area while being a contrast to the purple and other colors.

Nashville front yard landscape designer this design has boxwoods, coral bells, stone, and dwarf butterfly bush.

On this view below I have added some grasses next to the straight wall and in a later image I change them to smaller grasses so the wall can be seen better.

Nashville Front yard landscape designs, this design has a Japanese Maple with boxwoods and coral bells.

From the view below I want you to notice how I flared out the walkway to be more welcoming.

Nashville stone front yard garden design, the walkway is gray flagstone in the image is a cap yew, dwarf butterfly bush, and camelias.

In the last view I have below I have added a Dwarf Alberta Spruce to the end of the wall bordering the neighbors property.

Tennessee Nashville Front yard landscape designer Dalton Quigley. This design is a graphic showing coral bells, boxwoods, small grasses, and a japanese maple set against a stone walkway with a brick home.

I have many more ideas for the front yard I would like to get some feedback on what I have here so I can put up more images that get closer to what you would like to see.

Option 2 Boulder and Wide Walkway

From this view above you can see the image below has a widened walkway and two new evergreens on either side of the walkway near the porch area. This is to announce the entryway formally.

From the view on this landscape design image you can see a view from above, the Japanese Maple Sango Kaku is in the bed and the stone walkway has been widened.

I can take out anything or add anything, I am presenting ideas that will make you think differently about the space.

This is a change to the walkway in the landscape design and also green mountain boxwoods were added with a boulder, sedum, and a maiden grass.

In the image below you can see a boulder has been added to the widened walkway with a Dwarf Alberta Spruce, Maiden Grass, and Sedum Angelina around the base.

You can see the new boulder with sedum, dwarf alberta spruce, and maiden grass right at the entrance to the walkway on this garden design in Nashville TN.

Below you can see a view from the street of the widened stone walkway, new boulder and plants, along with the two Green Mountain Boxwoods that flank the entryway.

On this landscape design we added two conidal evergreens to announce the entrance to the home.

Please talk about the items in the above images and let me know what changes you would like to see. Talk to you soon.

Option 3 Rockery with Contrasting plants.

Rockery in the front yard with contrasting plants. A rockery contains boulders of differing sizes with a mix of plants that contrast by color and form.

Images from Nashville Landscape Designer Dalton Quigley of a Rockery with contrasting plants.

I this image is a Fat Albert Blue Spruce, a Dwarf Alberta Spruce, Sweet Flag, May Night Salvia, Veronica Sweet Spire, and a Japanese Maple.

This is an image of a Rockery from a distance in a Nashville Front yard Landscape. Dalton Quigley Nashville Landscape Designer

Colorful and interesting his welcomes you into your a different environment from the rest of the world.

This is a straight away view of the Rockery with contrasting plants like Fat Albert Blue Spruce, Dwarf Alberta Spruce, Miscanthus Maiden Grass, Sweet Flag, Salvia, and a Japanese Maple. Brentwood TN Landscape Design.

A combination of manmade materials with complimenting and contrasting forms and colors keeps the space alive.

This view is from the back and side of the rockery landscape garden area with contrasting plants, from here you can see the boulder and japanese maple with fat albert blue spruce. We perform Spring HIll TN Landscape Designs.



Back Yard Images Below This Point.

Here we can see the back yard is just a shell and needing the plants and hard surface in the landscape area.

This image shows the back yard as a shell before most of the plants and hardscape are added to the back yard landscape design for Nashville.

In the images above and  below I took out all grass and made the area simply bed area.

This is the back yard without most of the plants and patio yet. Back Yard Garden Nashville.

Below I added the other missing two hollies to show a completed privacy screen.

This is a 3d graphic image of a holly plant privacy screen in Nashville Tennessee.

Below I have added a paver patio area with fire pit and seating is put to the far side as a focal point to call people out into the open area for socializing.

This is an image that represents an outdoor living space in Nashville TN with a fire pit and landscape on either side of the paver patio surface in Nashville TN.

The large white rectangles where the screened porch is are actually a door for stepping out from the porch to the patio area. I have more to add to this design like the steps.

This landscape design shows our ability to represent patios, fire pits, and other hardscape structures in a back yard landscape design for Nashville.

Here in the image below I have added an arbor. Everything about this design can change so please look at the images and discuss with each other so you can give me feedback about the look, and usability.

This image shows an arbor guiding you into the back yard patio design with a fire pit and seating bench.

New more lush updated back yard landscape design images below ———————————————————————–


In the above image I have added two Skypencil Hollies in the corner by the Crape Myrtle, there are several Verigated Caladiums which look like mineature Elephant Ears with white in them.

You can also see purple petunias in the above image.


In this image above with the fire pit there are some new plants like Ostrich ferns, Judd Viburnum, Azaleas, and Verigated Hostas.



Here we see below I have taken out the Azaleas and Bench seating. I also moved the Caladiums from by the Japanese Maple to the spot where the bench was so it doesn’t look empty.



 And Tadaaa! From a Graphic Landscape Design to a fantastic new Back Yard Outdoor Living Space!


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