Nashville Paver Gazebo Area

As of the start of June 2018 a one time landscape design change update will be offered at the time of visiting clients homes for an additional charge. There will not be any changes offered in the flat rate for landscape design. Night time lighting and video fly throughs can be purchased for an additional charge.
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Before Design and Install
After Design and Install

Dalton Quigley on a competed project of his. Belgard paver patios with natural stone fire pit in Nashville TN.

The completed Belgard Paver Patios and Natural Stone Fire Pit in Nashville TN.

Older Graphics we no longer use.

The Images below are the process we went through with this client in Nashville TN.

Blank-slate-ready-for-hardscape Blank-slate-ready-for-hardscape2 Blank-slate-ready-for-hardscape3

I will be uploading more soon. If you need to reach me simply go to the bottom of this page and use the form. Talk to you soon.

Gazebo, Patio, Walkway, and Wall.


My program only has a 6 sided gazebo, the patio is to scale under the gazebo.


In the above image you can see a walkway that comes from the deck and heads to a patio with seating wall that has columns.


In the above image you can see that I have the gazebo and patio surface as the focal point from the driveway.


In the above image you can see the paver patio surface with a seating wall.

Nashville-Landscape-Design-patios Nashville-Landscape-Designer-Patios Nashville-Patio-Gazebo Nashville-Paver-Patio-with-wall Tennessee-Gazebo-Patio

We have had much progress, I can make any changes you would like to see. Talk to you soon.

Update on Hardscape Size and Removal of the Wall

Nashville-Landscape-Design Nashville-Hardscape-Design  Nashville-Backyard-design

Images from the completed project.

Nashville Paver Patio

Nashville stone fire pit

Dalton Quigley standing over a Natural Stone fire pit.

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  1. Larry Black April 6, 2015 11:01 pm 

    Too much fun. I’m loving the drag and drop.

    • Larry Black April 7, 2015 1:00 pm 

      Looks good. Let Jedidiah know how much so we can move forward. Oh, there are 5 swings, not 4.

      We’re pleased with what you’ve proposed.


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