Nashville TN Landscape Design

As of the start of June 2018 a one time landscape design change update will be offered at the time of visiting clients homes for an additional charge. There will not be any changes offered in the flat rate for landscape design. Night time lighting and video fly throughs can be purchased for an additional charge.
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Basic-home-1 Basic-home-2

Completed Design Images:

Nashville-Outdoor-room-1 Nashville-Outdoor-room-2 Nashville-Outdoor-room-3 Nashville-Outdoor-room-4 Nashville-Outdoor-room-5 Nashville-Outdoor-room-6 Nashville-Outdoor-room-7

In the images below I have created an island to bring down noise levels from when cars make the turn at the corner. Each time a car makes the turn the rubber wheels slip a little and it makes a sound. In the island are three Liberty Hollies, three white blooming Hydrangea, and five Birch Leaf Spirea. Be sure to look up the words ( Birch Leaf Spirea Fall color ).

Nashville-Outdoor-room-8 Nashville-Outdoor-room-9

Here in the image below we walk closer to the front entrance. I have removed the covering and Iron railing that is there and replaced it with a stained arbor. This  more clearly announces the front of the home.


In the above image you can see a pyrmidal trellis with a blooming vine plant, this could be one of many varieties available, there are Karly Rose Grasses around the base of the trellis. In the image below you can see there are two conical evergreens near the steps, these are Green Mountain Boxwoods. I have more of the Hydrangea used in the beds in the back.

Nashville-Outdoor-room-11 Nashville-Outdoor-room-12 Nashville-Outdoor-room-13 Nashville-Outdoor-room-14 Nashville-Outdoor-room-15 Nashville-Outdoor-room-16 Nashville-Outdoor-room-17

The evergreens in the above image are Hicksii Yews which grow in a barrel shape a little trimming twice a year is all that is needed.


In the image below I have represented the gate as a decorative gate.


In the image below the grass area along the fence is now a bed with a river rock, Liberty Hollies, and some white blooming Hydrangea for a decorative look with low to  no maintenance.

Nashville-Outdoor-room-20 Nashville-Outdoor-room-21 Nashville-Outdoor-room-22

Here in the back yard are white blooming Rhododendrons.


In the center island are a Blueish Juniper, a Deodar Cedar or Fernspray Hinoki, and Karly Rose Grasses with boulders.


In the below image you can see three Maple trees in fall color. There are some varieties to choose from.

Nashville-Outdoor-room-25 Nashville-Outdoor-room-26 Nashville-Outdoor-room-27 Nashville-Outdoor-room-28 Nashville-Outdoor-room-29

These large evergreens in the below image are Cryptomeria Japonica ( Japanese Cedars ) they give a great private and upscale feel.

Nashville-Outdoor-room-30 Nashville-Outdoor-room-31 Nashville-Outdoor-room-32

In these images we move over toward the back patio area and there is a row of Hicksii Yews along the fence to give privacy.


Along the walls on the shadier sides are Lenten Rose, and Japanese Painted Ferns.

Nashville-Outdoor-room-34 Nashville-Outdoor-room-35 Nashville-Outdoor-room-36 Nashville-Outdoor-room-37 Nashville-Outdoor-room-38

In the above image there is a bench welcoming you to sit and enjoy the space, behind the bench are Blue Arrow Junipers, white blooming Hydrangea, some red grasses Panicum Verigatum Hot Rod, a Green Mountain Boxwood, and a Tamukeyama Japanese Maple.

Nashville-Outdoor-room-39 Nashville-Outdoor-room-40 Nashville-Outdoor-room-41

In the above image you can see a small wooden fence around the A/C unit and this is to cut down on sound in the living space.

Nashville-Outdoor-room-42 Nashville-Outdoor-room-43

At this stage you are able to take careful notes of what you would like changed or any requests of what you would like to see and send me that email. We will have a conversation by phone about it and I will upload new images with the requested changes all at once. Have a great weekend and talk to you soon.


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