Quigleys Cool Finds

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Quigley’s Cool Finds.

Hi quality Tennessee locals and their products and services I found.

This is our page dedicated to showing Nashville area residents some cool finds Quigley found lately..

  • 1. Rustic River Creations – See some of what they make below:

nashville-chopping-block nashville-rustic-decor

They have the most awesome wooden household objects, tables, decor etc that has an authentic, rich, character and feel. The prices aren’t bad either.


Tell them where you found their information. Rustic River Creations


  • 2. Merridian – See some of what they make below:

Two dark wooden chests, high design. Rustic cut wooden table. Clean lines and organic appeal. Rustic Wooden Table with thick posts for legs. Low and wide this wooden coffee table makes a statement. Short Table with bolts, coffee table. Great design. Close up of the wooden table with great design. What a texture this wooden table has. Just wow.

Quigley thinks these tables would look great in an outdoor room.

Tell them where you found them – Merridian.com


What Quigley wants you to do now.

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Take a look at what one of Quigley’s landscape designs looks like.


See some of Quigley’s completed projects.





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