Retirement Quiet Time

The design update that comes with your flat price is one update where you give us all of your changes at once. Additional changes will cost a separate amount. Video fly through’s, and night time lighting images are available for an additional fee.

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Hi there I am expecting to post the design on this web page Wednesday April 11th in the afternoon to evening.

Update : Landscape Design:

Retirement Landscape Desig22

This landscape is designed for your yard to become more usable. It also has some interesting ideas related to the plantings.

Retirement Landscape Desig21

Included are a fireplace, some simple furniture, a gravel walkway and benches with retaining walls for the bed areas to the sides.

Retirement Landscape Desig20 Retirement Landscape Desig19

In the above images you can see some 2″ to 6″ river rock is placed in the gaps between the walkway and fence as well as the wall areas.

Retirement Landscape Desig18

Many of the plants chosen were selected for their meaning to historic Christianity.

In the image above you can see a Green Mountain Boxwood, Otto Luyken Laurels ( Laurels symbolize Christs return to Jerusalem and Christs Resurrection and triumph over for humanity, 3 Blueberry plants, a Hinoki Cypress in the corner ( Cypress was believed to have been used to create the Ark ), and some Daisies ( Daisies symbolize innocence ).

Retirement Landscape Desig17

The pink plant at the end of the bed is a Lily ( Lilies symbolize hope, faith, charity, chastity, and purity ).

Retirement Landscape Desig16 Retirement Landscape Desig15 Retirement Landscape Desig14 Retirement Landscape Desig13 Retirement Landscape Desig12

In the above image are Columbine ( Co0lumbine symbolize faith, hope, and love ).

Retirement Landscape Desig11

In the above image are Ferns ( Ferns symbolize humility and solitude.

Retirement Landscape Desig10 Retirement Landscape Desig09

In the above image are Irises ( Irises symbolize Christs passion and resurrection ).

Retirement Landscape Desig08

In the Hydroponic pots are Rosemary.

Retirement Landscape Desig07

The plants on the sides of the fireplace are Liberty Hollies, and Hyssop ( With Hollies the berries symbolize the blood Jesus shed and the spikey leaves represent the crown of thorns, and Hyssop played a roll in being the plant where the branch was used to hold up the sponge of vinegar held to Jesus’s mouth while he was on the cross ) I went back and forth over using Hyssop but overall it is a great plant other than the negative connotiation.

Retirement Landscape Desig06

In the bed next to the patio are Dwarf Alberta Spruce, Irises, Daffodils ( Daffodils also go by the name Lent Lily because of when they bloom and they also symbolize Gentiles who converted to Christ, the Cyclamen only have three petals to the flowers and in historic Christianity they symbolize the trinity ) , and pink Cyclamen.

Retirement Landscape Desig05 Retirement Landscape Desig04 Retirement Landscape Desig03 Retirement Landscape Desig02 Retirement Landscape Desig01

Thank you and please look over everything, take notes you will share with me later. Text me so we can set up a time to talk one evening when you both can be together so I can make any changes you like. Talk to you soon.

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