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As of the start of June 2018 a one time landscape design change update will be offered at the time of visiting clients homes for an additional charge. There will not be any changes offered in the flat rate for landscape design.
Before June 2018 – The design update that comes with your flat price is one update where you give us all of your changes at once. Additional changes will cost a separate amount. Video fly through’s, and night time lighting images are available for an additional fee.
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Hi there here are the basic images of  the house I spoke of. Down below is a form you can use to send me links if you see something on the web that you would like to share.

Design Update:

Patio-Options1 Patio-Options2 Patio-Options3 Patio-Options4

I wanted to show you these two options and get your feedback before I upload all of the images. I want to upload the front with the completed back so if you can get back with me soon I can get it done quickly.

Another patio / deck option

Patio-Options7 Patio-Options5 Patio-Options6

Good evening take a look at this option and give me some feedback.

Design Update:


Remember these are only images and everything can be changed. There is a slope represented but on computer images it may look milder than reality.

Landscape-Design-14 Landscape-Design-15 Landscape-Design-16 Landscape-Design-17 Landscape-Design-18 Landscape-Design-19

From here in the front yard you can see a white blooming Hydrangea possibly Bobo Hydrangea or Annabelles depending on which style of bloom you like best. The evergreens at the corners are Liberty Hollies or Oakland Hollies, the larger green globe looking plants are Boxwoods and there are a few varieties to choose from.


Here on the corner by the garage you can see the Holly some Blue Fortune Agistache or similary styled perennial with a blue bloom, a Green Mountain Boxwood is the conical shrub on the corner and Hosta’s that match the ones you already have.


Here at the steps I have added some Hydrangea, and a Green Mountain Boxwood to frame and announce the entryway.


This is the left side and it is matching the right side.


This island around the lantern has Green Mountain Boxwoods, Dwarf English Boxwods, Dwarf Pink Crape Myrtles, and a similar Hydrangea to the others.


Here is the other corner of the home as you head toward the back yard. I have added a fence since traditional designs use fencing as an architectural statement and privacy element. The pink are again the dwarf Crape Myrtles, the light green small bushes are the English Boxwoods, and the white is a Hydrangea.


Here you can see the Blue Fortune Agistache, Green Mountain Boxwoods, Dwarf English Boxwoods, Crape Myrtles, and Liberty Holly.


After the gate is opened a winding path is on the way to the deck with  more of the same plants and a white blooming Butterfly Bush on the way.


I could have hidden the A/C but I liked the open feel of the area, if you want I could hide the A/C unit.

Landscape-Design-28 Landscape-Design-29 Landscape-Design-30 Landscape-Design-31 Landscape-Design-32 Landscape-Design-33 Landscape-Design-34 Landscape-Design-35 Landscape-Design-36

The dark green shrubs are Otto Luyken Laurels, the Crape Myrtles are already there by the fireplace.

Landscape-Design-37 Landscape-Design-38

Here you can see the slope with the left raised, I have leveled the area where the deck and patio are because this is how it would look after. Pretty much level near the house.


Design Change Update:


Here you can see the front bed has been modified to have 3 large evergreens.

Landscape-Design-41 Landscape-Design-42

At the lamp post I have added a Fat Albert Blue Spruce, a boulder which can go if you like, some Hydrangea, Salvia, and Dwarf Crape Myrtle.

Landscape-Design-43 Landscape-Design-44 Landscape-Design-45

From the above view I have added some evergreen Laurels to hide the A/C unit.


In this above view you can see I changed out the Hostas with Heucherella, there are some varieties to choose from like ( Sunrise Falls, or Buttered Rum ).

Landscape-Design-47 Landscape-Design-48

Here I have added a basic pergola to the upper deck in the same dimensions as the deck with the posts in the rail.

Landscape-Design-49 Landscape-Design-50 Landscape-Design-51 Landscape-Design-52 Landscape-Design-53

Thank you and talk to you soon.



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