Small Yard Entertainment

As of the start of June 2018 a one time landscape design change update will be offered at the time of visiting clients homes for an additional charge. There will not be any changes offered in the flat rate for landscape design. Night time lighting and video fly throughs can be purchased for an additional charge.
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Small Yard Entertainment06 Small Yard Entertainment05 Small Yard Entertainment04 Small Yard Entertainment03 Small Yard Entertainment02 Small Yard Entertainment01

Design Update:

Entertainment Design28

In these images there are two Japanese Maples in the wooded area that are allowed to lean in a bit for some color and texture.

Entertainment Design27 Entertainment Design26 Entertainment Design25

In the above image you can see the very back. I have kept it very simple since it isn’t seen much. Some of the landscape beds are made of an attractive landscape rock, boulders ( we may be able to use ones you already have or purchase attractive ones ), edging and plants.

Entertainment Design24

These plants you see are Liberty Holly in the corner and Rhododendrons along the fence.

Entertainment Design23 Entertainment Design22 Entertainment Design21

When you get to the area where the pool is there is a slightly raised deck and flagstone patio surfaces.

Entertainment Design20 Entertainment Design19

The deck leads down to a raised deck with a fire pit area and some decorative stone walls.

Entertainment Design18

The stone walls double as seating or for setting drinks or food etc.

Entertainment Design17

This layout makes the yard much more interesting for both humans and the dogs. The dogs will track in less mess as well.

Entertainment Design16

This view shows you some grasses, boulders, decorative rock, Liberty Holly, Rhododendrons, and Skypencil Hollies.

Entertainment Design15 Entertainment Design14 Entertainment Design13

I have added a small fence to hide the rain barrel and pool equipment. I know the equipment may be leaving but it could double as other storage so you wont use under the steps.

Entertainment Design12 Entertainment Design11 Entertainment Design10 Entertainment Design09

The next two images are from inside of the deck so if you want to stand there you can see what it will look like.

Entertainment Design08 Entertainment Design07 Entertainment Design06

Another option for by the gates:

Entertainment Design05

In these last images you will see there are stepping stones with Dwarf Mondo grass by the gates.

Entertainment Design04 Entertainment Design03 Entertainment Design02 Entertainment Design01

I can easily estimate the flagstone as pavers if you like them better. Thank you and let me know if you are ready for me to estimate this project.


Entertainment Design005 Entertainment Design006

The above two images are of the retaining wall in the very back but in reality it may be a little different according to how the land is actually sloped.

Entertainment Design012

In these images I have represented a similar paver to one we install called Belgard Dublin Cobble

Entertainment Design011 Entertainment Design007 Entertainment Design008 Entertainment Design009 Entertainment Design010

In these last three images I am showing you what the area would look like if it were tan flagstone with a gray mortar.

Entertainment Design002 Entertainment Design003 Entertainment Design004

The things I was to accomplish with these images are removing the deck and making the area a hard surface, remove the skirting under the deck and add gravel, remove a wall near the back gate,  lower area retaining wall represented, bring the landscaping to the back gate, and modify any beds with plants that are necessary to go with what is represented. Talk to you soon.

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