Summer Privacy Hedge Planting

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Summer Privacy Hedge with Colorful Plants

( Full Sun )


In the above image you can see a Crape Myrtle, Forsythia ( Yellow ), Quince ( lower and pink ), Maiden grass, Skip Laurles in the background, and  Blue Atlas Cedar to the right.


In the corner of this privacy landscape design  you can see three Leyland Cypress with a Crape Myrtle, Quince, and Forsythia.


Here in Middle Tennessee when spring arrives the Quince and Forsythia bloom at the same time.


The smaller yellow plants are Gold Mound Spirea in a grouping just in front of the Blue Atlas Cedar.


This view has a natural feel not much symetry but it is balanced by virtue of the blue and boulder on the opposite side.


Boulders add a stabilizing factor and add much visual weight to an area.


From this view you can see the hedge is distracting from any views beyond.

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