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Lenox Village Front yard Landscape Redesign Nashville Area


Soon the new images will be put right here below this first image. You can easily send me a message through the form at the bottom of the page.

First Design Images – Structure

First-House-Photo Lenox-village-before-landscape-design2 Lenox-village-before-landscape-design3

 Beds and Entryway Evergreens


In the above image I wanted to show you what an Emerald Evergreen would look like on the right corner. They grow 12′ to 15′ and stay somewhere around 3′ wide in most cases.


In this above image I am showing you what Green Mountain Boxwoods could look like framing the entrance.


In the above image I am showing you the top down view for if you want me to move the beds in any way.


In this above view I am showing you what another Hydrangea between the driveway and steps would look like, and I want some feed back about the corner area.

Front Garden Option ( Barberry Chrimson Pigmy, Spreading Yew ):


In the above image I have added Barberry, and Yews.



I was looking for some feedback on the size of the evergreens and shapes.



In this above image I have introduced three Dwarf English Boxwoods onto either side of the landscape design.


The above image is a close up of how the spacing is and color of these plants together.


How do you feel about the Dwarf English Boxwoods on either side?


Camellias, Loropetallum, Astilbe, Osmanthus ( Sweet Olive ).

Nashville-Colorful-Landscape-Design Nashville-Floral-Landscape-Design Nashville-Landscaping-Camellias-Loropetallum-Astilbe

In the above three images I have added a Sweet Olive ( Osmanthus Fragrans ) to the corner, and in the beds are three Camellias, three Loropetallum, and Coral Bells ( Palace Purple ) with Pink Astilbe on the ends. In the next three images I changed the Astilbe to a white variety.

Nashville-landscaping-with-perennials Nashville-Pink-Landscape-Design-flowers Nashville-shade-garden-landscape-design

I can change anything you see in the images. Thank you for the suggestions I know you are clients who value color. The Camellias will only bloom for a period during the summer and the Loropeatallum will keep on showing color with the leaves after blooming. How does this look and would you like me to move anything around?

New Update – Simpler landscape design from the past with side


The image above is what I am basing the estimate on. In the images below I have added Skypencil Hollies to the side yard with the other plants ( Lenten Rose, Endless Summer Hydrangea, and Japanese Painted Fern).

Front-Yard-Landscape-Design-in-Nashville-TN Nashville-Landscaping Small-Side-yard-Landscape-Design-in-Nashville-TN

I will be calling you later today to discuss the pricing I come up with. Talk to you soon.

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