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Backyard Rockery Landscape Design

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Hi there this is an image taken from the clients back yard the way it stands since some trees have been removed.



Older Graphics we no longer use.

New Landscape Design Images Below this point. Rockery Landscape Design


The above image is my best representation of the home in the image at the top of the page. I spent a few hours trying to get the brick as accurate as possible and had to move on to start on the rest of the design.


In this image above you can see the Emerald Arborvitae we spoke about that will help with privacy while on the back porch.


New Landscape Design Images Beyond this Point ——————


The above image is a representation of the alley having slate chips as a ground cover instead of mulch.

Example Below:

Slate Chip stone example for landscape Design

In the image below you can see the landscape design from above your Nashville home looking down. In the image are plants like Fat Albert Blue Spruce, Skyrocket Juniper, Giant Arborvitae, Deodar Cedar, Hicksii Yews Hidden by the Tree in the middle ( Lacebark Elm ), Otto Luyken Laurels on the right side fence area, a Dwarf Alberta Spruce, Two types of grasses ( one very vertical and the other more weepy ), Sedums, Gold Mound Spirea, Cap Yew, and a few others.


In the above image I want to get your feedback about how full things are and how large the beds are.


In the above view along the back fence we can see those Hicksii Yews we could not before.


The above image is from behind the fence and above, this gives an idea of how things can look when mature if we use these plants and in these locations.


The above image is from the neighbors side of t he fence and above, from here we can see there are differences in color, shape and form of the plantings.


In the above view we can see some orange type of Carpet Rose, a Dwarf Alberta Spruce behind the small boulder, and Pink blooming Spirea.


In the above image we are able to take in the entire landscape, remember we can make any changes you like and even could completely start over if necessary.


In the image below we have a columnar tree, Otto Luykens, May Night Salvia, and Sage with a boulder which carries the theme of the rockery.


Below I have made changes to the back corner by adding a gravel with a shed and a Sango Kaku Coral Bark Japanese Maple.


These three images are all different views of the back corner where the shed is.


I put the Japanese Maple on the outside corner to give you more screening without blocking the entry to the shed.


Completed Landscape / Garden Design Images.

Dalton-Quigley-Nashville-Landscape-Designer Landscape-Designer-in-Nashville-Tn Landscape-Designer-in-Nashville-TN Landscape-Designs-Nashville-TN

Below is the before and after of the Nashville Rockery Landscape Design.


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