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Perennial Walkway Sideyard Xeriscape

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Hi Jason, the firs image is always an image of the home the way it is currently. The rest of the images will be Graphic images. The home will not match exactly but the yard will be to scale and the doors and windows will be in the proper place.


Below you can see a gray siding home with a similar sized and shaped patio area complete with column and grill.


I will be uploading more images tomorrow. The side yard will also be included for the xeriscape portion of the design.


I will be posting different views I think you would like to see so if you have a view  you would like or any changes please use the form at the bottom of this page.


Newest Images Below –

Side Yard:


So far for the side  yard I have a Japanese Maple in the far corner, Japanese Aucuba ( gold dust ) and five Ostrich Ferns.


I know you want to keep the side yard simple so I have started slow with just a few items.


So here we can see the view from the neighbors yard area.

Back Yard:


In the above image we can see the path from the patio to the gate and the layout of everything from a top down view.


The tree is a Brandywine Maple Tree which is a smaller version of what most maples grow to and below is a boulder and Maiden Grass Adagio.


In the above image you can see the stepping stone path and on the left are Emerald Arborvitae, Hidecoat Blue Lavender, Happy Returns Day Lillies with Dwarf Alberta Spruce.


During the growing season you will have plenty of color and during the winter there are evergreens to anchor the area.


New Images of the Side yard Below this point:


In all of these new images there are three pink Azaleas in the middle, there are also Coral Bells, and Lenten Rose. The Lenten Rose is the group of plants on each side that

wrap around the plant in the corner, the next layer around them are the Coral Bells.I also have three Lavender close to the walkway in the middle.

My graphic image doesn’t represent the colors well of the Coral Bells so I am providing a link here for you to see what they look like ->

Palace Purple Coral Bells on LandscapeNashville.com


In the back corner on the left is a Hicksii Yew, this plant grows barrel shaped and can get 12′ tall here in Middle TN.


I tried to reach you by phone but got voicemail that says you are out of town until the 14th. I will wait to hear back from you.




Your feedback will help me greatly to improve what I have here.

You can reach me at 615-715-8216 by calling or texting if need be have a great evening.


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