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Lagoon pool landscape design Franklin TN

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Franklin pool landscape desig001 Franklin pool landscape desig002 Franklin pool landscape desig003 Franklin pool landscape desig004

Hi there, I hope you are having a good day. Here you can see the house has been created in the computer.

I am sending you an email as well to know what to expect.

Design Completed:

Franklin pool landscape desig026

Good morning, the image above is a top down view showing the new plantings and beds from above.

Franklin pool landscape desig025

Right away from this view you can see I have incorporated the Skypencil Hollies on both sides of the pool. This is carrying a theme you already have on the walkway which looks great.

Franklin pool landscape desig024

From this view you can see the neighbors will eventually have a difficult time seeing toward the pool area.

Franklin pool landscape desig023

From this view you can see the pool hardscape is wider on the left side.

Franklin pool landscape desig022

This is the view from through the woods once the leaves come on and the Bright and Tight Cherry Laurels are younger. Once they get bigger they will be an awesome gap filler.

Franklin pool landscape desig021

Here you can see the area by the fence showing two Liberty Hollies and 6 Osmanthus False Hollies.

Franklin pool landscape desig020

I also wrapped a few around the corner to blend the pool area and the side yard.

Franklin pool landscape desig019 Franklin pool landscape desig018

From this above view you can see the landscape is open and airy like the images you gave me. In a photo you texted me of a perennial garden there were some Roses. These Pink Drift Roses stay pretty compact and low to the ground with all season splashes of color as they bloom.

Franklin pool landscape desig017

Here this grill area is open and welcoming keeping you ( the cook ) in the social setting of the area.

Franklin pool landscape desig016

In this above photo you can see a Viridis Japanese Maple, Osmanthus False Hollies, Pink Drift Rose ( or Apricot, or another variety which is close ), and the Lavenderish flowering plant is Agapanthus Lily of the Nile which also go around the pool.

Franklin pool landscape desig015

The beauty of using the Osmanthus False Hollies is they are easily kept smaller and the new growth comes out with a hint of rose or maroon on the leaves.

Franklin pool landscape desig014

In the above image you can see in the very back there are Panicum North Wind Grasses, Skypenicl Hollies, Nandinas, Canna Lilies, and Pink Drift Roses.

Franklin pool landscape desig013

In the above image you can see the Canna Lilies between the Grasses.

Franklin pool landscape desig012 Franklin pool landscape desig011

Most of the border around the pool is Osmanthus False Hollies and Agapanthus Lily of the Nile.

Franklin pool landscape desig010

From this angle you can see the three Little Gem Magnolia Trees next to the oval raised bed.

Franklin pool landscape desig009

In the oval raised bed I have put a Saucer Magnolia, a Weeping Cherry Tree, some of your Adagio Maiden Grasses, and Skykpencil Hollies.

Franklin pool landscape desig008 Franklin pool landscape desig007 Franklin pool landscape desig006

In this design I have kept the openness you had in the graphic you provided and have shown the privacy features of the other plants along with bringing the theme together into a whole. Please email or text me an evening when you are home so we can talk about what you are seeing so I can price what you need. If you are still wanting changes and need to see images we can talk about that as well.

Magnolia Bed with Fence

Franklin pool landscape desig02

The above two images show the Magnolias in a raised bed with the black aluminum fence in the background.

Thank you for your patience while I am working on the estimate and talk to you soon.


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