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This property is located in  Nolensville Tennessee and we are designing the back yard space including a patio do over, bar area, Arbor, and possible landscaping.

Nolensville Landscape Design old back yard before design.

A change for this back yard in Nolensville Tennessee with a new landscape design.

Older Graphics we no longer use.

The image below represents the property the way it is today. The first three are different angles.




The images after this point will be new and include features that don’t exist today.

Nolensville Backyard Designs Dalton Quigley

Side view of rough image, includes arbor, bar area, and expanded patio.

The above image includes an arbor, grill / bar area, and expanded patio.




This is a different view, remember everything about the image can be changed, sizes of everything and placement, as well as patio surface.



The above image has a blue gray flagstone mixed with a tan for a different look.


The above image is a view from on the patio a little lower than eye level. Send me message through the form below about placement, size, and the like.

Nashville Patio Company installs stone concrete and paver patios high quality for buying.

Changed arbor color, aggregate, removed grill, added seating and landscaping. Nashville Area Middle Tennessee Patio Designs


The above image shows the patio now extends all the way past the bay window.


The above image is a great view of the new seating and wrapped columns of the Arbor.


From here you can see a boulder, evergreens, roses, an arbor with stone wrapped columns, and aggregate patio.


——————————–Changes below this line ——————————————————————


nolensville patios

This is an up close image of the patio with seating and arbor.

We build patios in Nolensville at Nolensville Patio Company.

Straight view of the patio with arbor and bench on patio in Nolensville TN.

Plants for privacy in nolensville tn off of a patio renovation.

Privacy plantings for Nolensville Tennessee

Arbor change to 10 feet by 20 feet on this NolensvilleTN Landscape Design.

Arbor has been changed to 10′ by 20′.

I can move the arbor to one side or the other and even sideways.

______________________________ Newest Images Below _______________________________________



Side View


Far away view of Patio, Arbor, and Seating wall.



From above.



View Top Down.



_______________________________ Newest Image below _____________________________________

Photo of the patio ajustment.

Photo of patio adjustment.

New Updated Image of Arbor Size Below ————————————————————————————

Arbor size is 20' by 7' and two posts are in the wall.

Arbor size is 20′ by 7′ and two posts are in the wall.

Top Down view of the area:

Top Down Image of new arbor in area.

Top Down Image of new arbor in area.

 Lets pick an Arbor and Stain Here.


Nolensville Landscape Design old back yard before design.


Completed Landscape Design project in Nolensville just outside Nashville Tennessee.

Landscape Design Install project completed in Nolensville TN just outside of Nashville Tennessee.

Completed Landscape Design project in Nolensville just outside Nashville Tennessee

We had such a wonderful experience in Nolensville with this client. Thank you for looking at our designs today.


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