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Perennial Garden Landscape Design in Murfreesboro TN

Hi I hope your day is going well. I have added a photo of your home and a graphic image below.


You can see I have the home in along with walkways and the driveway. I will be adding more over time and sending you emails so you can see the updates.


Below is a top down view of the area with garden beds against the home, deck, sunroom, and garden shed added. The buildings in my program are limited so the shed doesn’t look like a shed but rather a green house.


From the image below you can see the sun room and shed. I will be adding more tomorrow evening.


In the image below you can see that everything is to scale.


Below is an image of the front yard with garden beds.


The image below is an image from above and far away.


From this view we can see the entire corner really well.


Up until now I have just spending time making sure things are to scale and in the proper locations.


From the image below you can see the Cherry tree, Magnolia, and Tulip Poplar.


New Images Below this pont ———————-

I will be making more changes to the house and surrounding areas. I wanted to get you an image with a patio and fire pit in the back so you can begin thinking on shape and materials.


From the view below you can see what would be seen as you drive up.


In the view below t his is from in the back yard grass area and looking over toward the new screened porch.


Below is an image from the sky above looking down for perspective.


Below I have added the three Arborvitae ( Emerald ) near the corner in a sort of triangle fashion to hide the deck.


Ane below is another view from the sky looking down on the area for perspective.


Newest Design Images Below this point ————————–


Hi there this set of images focuses on the front yard and some possibilities. I have added a bed that goes from one side of the driveway to the other.


In this new bed and connecting both sides is a large cedar stained arbor. In the beds are Juddii Viburnum to the back, large grasses for movement, and some perennials ( Hidecoat Lavender ).


In the bed nearest the house on the left side below I have added a boulder with a Fat Albert Blue Spruce.


There is more to do this is just how far I got today. I could have waited a day to have a more complete look but I thought you may have some input that you would want to add andĀ  might enjoy seeing where I was at right now.



From this above view you can see the Blue Spruce and Arbor.


The arbor adds some architecture to the space while taking away attention from the deck on the other side.

Shade Shed Landscape Design Garden Bed Area:


In the above and below shade shed garden bed images you can see Pink Azaleas in the back ground, Lenten Rose Pink Frost, Hosta Crowned Imperial, and some White Caladiums.


Can you give me some feedback about how the density is, and colors?


More Shed Garden Path Ideas ———


These are just suggestions and any and all ideas can be scrapped. I wanted you to see how the path could be improved with a little landscaping.


The plants that are in these beds are Lenten Rose, Azaleas, Hostas, Caladiums, Nikko Blue Azaleas, and Green Mountain Boxwoods at the entrance.


The mowing would be easier with the beds flowing around the walkway. This area is a shade garden landscape design other than the Boxwoods where the landscape allows more light.


The boxwoods add an upscale entrance to the walkway path for the shed. This shade garden is very colorful like the rest of your garden.


The look is very welcoming with Hydrangea calling us to enter.


The above view is from in the air at a distance. Give me some feedback below about the colorful shade garden.


The above view is from inside of the shady shed looking back toward the home driveway down the path.


Southern Colonial Country Landscape Design Front Yard.

Modern Southern Landscape Design

We spoke by phone about heading in a southern colonial country feel so here are some updated images.

Southern Colonial Landscape Design

My program doesn’t have Hydrangea that are white but these largeĀ  blooming plants on the side of the deck are Annabell Hydrangea which are a cream color and not pink.

Southern Garden Design

At the entryway are Green Mountain Boxwoods, and some of the other plants are Dwarf Butterfly bush, Boxwoods, Gold Mound Spirea, Dwarf English Boxwoods, Carpet Roses, and Maiden Grasses.

Southern Landscape Designed Home

In the above view you can see the Gold Mound Spriea and Carpet Roses.

Southern Residential Landscape Design

In the above view you can see the Dwarf English Boxwoods as a small row along the outer edge of the bed.

Upscale Modern Southern Colonial Landscape Design

Remove a Boxwood, Side yard hide Utilities, Deck Landscaping

Deck Landscape Design Perennials Murfreesboro TNDeck Landscape Design Perennials Murfreesboro TN

Above you can see a suggestion for the deck landscaping since there is a gap between the sunroom and driveway if the deck follows the same line there will also be a gap between the driveway and deck.

I have not added anything along the other sides until I get some feedback from you about what I have here.

Hide Utilities Side yard Landscaping

The above and below images shows the side yard landscaped to hide the utilites specificially the A/C unit.

Landscape Grasses Design Murfreesboro TN Side yard Southern Garden Murfreesboro TN

This last image below shows I have removed one Boxwood from the other side of the driveway.

Southern Colonial Garden Design Murfreesboro TN

3 Emerald Arborvitae on the other Corner

Balanced-Arborvitae-Evergreens-Corners-of-home Brick-Home-Landscape-Design Emerald-Arborvitae-House-Corner

Please take a look at these images and send me some feedback, talk to you soon.




Please feel free to use the form at the bottom of the page to send links or other images you may find that you would like to share as I work the design.

Have a wonderful day and I will be talking to you soon.

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