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Franklin TN Courtyard Landscape Design

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Older Graphics we no longer use.

Courtyard in Franklin TN Landscape Design graphic images below.

This is just the beginning showing the basic area. Scroll to the bottom for the completed project images.



The above image is a top down view of the courtyard.





Now that we have the basic home in place with some of the plants I can  make changes. Each evening I do some work but may not be able to get the images uploaded

until the day after. I will send an email each time there are images to view. Please look around the web and if you see something you like use the form below to send

the link to me. I am going to be making changes and saving different versions so I will be able to go back in most situations to different looks.

The form is easy to use go ahead and test it out at your first chance. Talk to you soon.

New Courtyard Landscape Design Images Below:

Courtyard-dining-space-landscaping-franklin-tn Courtyard-landscape-design-franklin-tn Courtyard-Landscape-Design-Franklin-TN Courtyard-walkway-garden-design-franklin-tn franklin-tn-courtyard-garden-design Franklin-TN-Privacy-landscape-courtyard Top-Down-Franklin-TN-Courtyard-landscape-design

Please take a look at the above images and give me some feedback about the hardscape surface, the patio areas, and plantings.

In the above images are Hicksii Yews which are just off of the accent wall, and pink Weigela around the table and chair area. There is also a weeping Cherry.

Circular Courtyard Patios


In this top down view I have removed the Magnolias, and for now I am looking to get a little feedback about the circular patios with the straight walkways.

I can also make the walkways curvy if you like.

Newly Updated Courtyard Landscape Design Plantings Included


In the design images below you will find plants like . Dwarf Alberta Spruce, 1 Green Mountain Boxwood, Juddii Viburnum, Verigated Iris, Creeping Jenny, Sedum Angelina, a Dwarf Red Sedum, Dutzia, Purple Coral Bells, Hosta’s, Hydrangea ( several to choose from ), Azalea, Dryopteris, a representation of either Salvia, Agestache, or Lavender ( we can use any of those ), and Hardy Gardenia.


Please take a look at how dense things are and give me some feedback.



In the shade of the Cherry Tree are some ferns.



Nolensville-courtyard-landscape-designSpring-Hill-TN-Courtyard-landscape-design spring-hill-tn-patio-landscape-design

In the final two images below I have added a Coral Honeysuckel on a trellis.



Updated Courtyard Smaller Plants for a more inclusive feel below


In the above image I have Soft Touch Hollies, and Sedum Angelina.

Courtyard Patio Entryway Widened, Azalea Added Back



The image above is the same position as the one above so you can compare the looks.



This above image is here so you can stand on the patio and look back toward the home.




The two above images are from inside of the home looking out so that you can see how the Courtyard and Landscape look from inside.  Nashville-Landscape-designer  Spring-Hill-TN-Landscape-Designer

Change – Remove smaller patio and re-arrange plantings for a pleasing look.

Nashville-floural-courtyard-landscape-design Nashville-Landscape-design-gardens-colorful Nashville-pink-back-yard-landscape-design

Change – take out the Soft Touch Hollies and add two more Azaleas.



Images from the Project : Before, During, and After from Design to Completed Installation.









This is the completed patio with tan stone and a buff mortar along with a modern landscape of Coral Bells, Plumb Yews, boulders and more. Stone-Patio-Boulders-Landcaping-Nashville-Brentwood-Franklin-Spring-Hill-Nolensville-TN

This project was done during winter so the plants are dormant especially the perennials.





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Care and Maintenance of the plants listed:

Hardy Daisy Gardenias — Late Summer trim for height and shape.
Gold Flame Honeysuckle – During winter prune off the dead leaves and vines. Gently scratch the bark to reveal green where it is still alive.
Weigelia — There are special ideas regarding Weigelia pruning so I am including a link to a video that explains it — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X2ZNI7OgxgM
Weeping Cherry – Every year during the winter I recommend trimming away the branches that have grown either too long, out of where you want them, or just for balance. They will regrow but still leave plenty there for next year.
Green Mountain Boxwoods – A light trim when ever you see the growth getting out of where you want it. Typically once a year during the summer.
Juddii Viburnum – Always trim right after blooming. Just to keep it in shape and growing as a hedge.
Verigated Iris Summer Olympics and Immortallity – Each winter there will be brown leaves just remove them. If the Iris grows into another plant where you don’t want it a shovel divides them easily. Just chop at the area in between and pry them up. They can be used elsewhere.
Sedum Angelina – Sedum tends to stay near where it is planted and not get unmanageable. It does spread but in a controlled way. If you find that it has grown where you do not want it simply pull it up and place it in a gap where it is needed.
Dutzia – This wonderful plant blooms on the new branches it makes just after blooming so be sure to do any trimming right after it finishes blooming because soon the new branches will come and they will have the flowers for the next year.
Purple Coral Bells – Simply snip off any growth that you don’t like – example brown leaves or blooms if you want the leaves to grow larger.
Endless Summer Hydrangea – Hydrangeas are typically pruned down during winter. Leave them about 10″ or so tall a little more is fine or a little less just don’t remove the stems to the ground. After the blooms turn brown in summer remove them.
Azalea Gumpo Pink – Always fertilize just after blooming. Fertilizers make the plant not bloom the next year if not done then. Better to skip it if you missed the time. Trimming is done at the same time as well.
Dryopteris ( ferns ) – Simply remove the brown in winter and it doesn’t matter how much is left above the soil. It just improves the look of things to trim the brown away.
Agistache – During winter trim away the brown.
Daylilies – During winter trim away the brown.
Lenten Rose – During winter trim away the brown.
Plumb Yews – You can trim this plant any time of year you feel that you would like to improve the shape.
Maiden Grass and Piglet Pennesetum ( Small Grass ) – This is the large grass outside of the back yard. Simply trim it in winter down to about 6″ tall and throw away the debris.
Sango Kaku Coral Bark Japanese Maple – In winter look the plant over for dead branches to remove. All Japanese maples will loose a small branch or two during the year and the insects will set up a home if not removed.
Dwarf Butterfly bush Blue Chip – Trim for shape anytime.

Fertilization : You can fertilize all of these plants with Osmocote during early Spring after the weather man / woman says we are safely past the last freeze. Move the soil away from the base of the plant,
spread plenty and recover with the mulch. For an Gardenia sized shrub a hand full is fine. Blooming plants are big eaters so don’t be afraid to give them a good bit.
Give the Dutzia a little less fertilizer than the other shrubs, it likes less rather than more. Hydrangeas and Azaleas love an acid environment so there are fertilizers that meet those needs best
and they tend to be very low in cost. If you want to talk to real garden people when you buy there is a nursery at the back of the Factory in Franklin TN by Southbranch Nurseries and they
are very knowledgeable with questions as well.

Just for fun : If you really want to get into ( Iris Fertilization ) there is a wealth of information on the web because there are soo many passionate people about Irises. Most Irises including these are very durable
and don’t require special care. How ever you can get better performance and health with special care.

Just take your time and take a deep breath this is not really hard, as you get to know your new plants you will become very satisfied with the rewards of your new plants and garden. Just send
me a text anytime with questions.

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