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Thank you for visiting today and taking the time to visit this landscape design. The goal is to create a space where the client has some privacy and making the space more usable with some hardscape and beds.



Older Graphics we no longer use.

My graphic design program doesn’t represent slope well but you will be able to see everything really well with regards to all dimensions and privacy plantings.


The above and below images show the exact scale of the home and patio surface that is there now. The fence is a picket style which is the closest option I have available.


New Landscape Design Images – Patio Shape – Bed Shape – Change of Brick / Mortar Color / Patio


I hope you are having a great day please look at the new images and give me some feedback. I have changed the brick / mortar because your brick and mortar had more buff, I know it isn’t perfect but

with this brick browns will look better like the color of your concrete patio.


I am presenting these images to you to see how you feel about a square patio since you have so many corners and lines on your home that are so prominent.


New Images Below this Point Concentrating on Patio Area:


The above image is a top down view of the change in patio additon shape. This new shape allows for storage under the stepps and an expansion of the rest of the space.


I made the patio additon with a curve to welcome the garden into the hard surface. The example above is pavers.


The new plants you can see are Japanese Maple, Green Mountain Boxwood, Juddii Viburnum, Abelia ( Edward Goucher ), Veronica, Coral Drift Roses, Maiden Grass, and a Saucer Magnolia.



You can see from the way the landscape is near the patio you will have a feeling of privacy and enclosure while on the patio surface.


Walkway and Arborvitae landscape design improvements

Arborvitae Knockout Roses Garden Design

In the above image you can see that I have increased the amount and size of the Arborvitae in the design now they are Giant Arborvitae. I have also put the Skip Laurels behind them to cover the gaps.

Arborvitae Privacy Landscape Design

In the above image you can see from a view from above how the layout has shaped up.

Japanese Maple Viburrnum Landscape Design

In the above image I have added the walkway that goes around the corner to the gate.

Patio Green Mountain Boxwood Landscape Design

In the above image you can see what it would be like to move back toward the patio area.

Paver Walkway Garden Design

On the left in the above image you can see the walkway traveling along the wall.

Saucer Magnolia Coral Roses Arborvitae Landscape DesignSpring Hill Privacy Landscape Design

Image of Paver Walkway on the Steps Side

Spring Hill TN Landscaping

After putting in the above image I noticed between the walkway and the wall I have an area of grass that could be easier maintained as a landscape bed so I

made the below image. Just let me know if you like this idea.

Landscaping Spring Hill TN

The plants that are added in the area by the fence are Dwarf Alberta Spruce, and May Night Salvia.

Remove patio area paver addition and adjust landscaping images.


Good morning, you can click an image to get a larger version. Before the plants are planted we always get approval so if you decide that there should be a gap on both sides of the patio we will move the plants accordingly.

Modern-Landscaping-Privacy-Garden Nashville-Landscape-Design Nashville-Patio-Landscaping-TN Nashville-Patios-Gardens-Roses

If you have a moment take a look at this previous design. Rockery Back yard Landscape Design

I would like for you to notice that at the bottom of this page is a short form, when you fill out the form it will send a message to my phone, and email accounts. If you see anything online that represents something you like please send me a link or photo. Each evening I spend some time on landscape designs and I send out an email once I have uploaded images for you to view I don’t upload images every evening. I can also receive texts at 615-715-8216 Talk to you soon.

Update Images of Completed Project


After the modern water efficient irrigation, sod, compost garden soil mix, mulch, and plantings landscape install.

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