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Landscape Design in Spring Hill TN

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First two images of progress.

Spring-Hill-TN-Front-yard Spring-Hill-TN-Front-yard2

2nd Batch of Basic Home Images.

Spring-Hill-TN-Front-yard3 Spring-Hill-TN-Front-yard4 Spring-Hill-TN-Front-yard5

Japanese Maple update to the Landscape Design Images:


In the above image you can see that I have added Green Mountain Boxwoods ( small conical evergreens ) to the corner of the home and added two for framing the entryway.


I have also added some Hosta to the front bed, the three Goldenmops Threadleaf Cypress’s ( yellow plant ) have been moved a little.


I have added a purple Japanese Maple ( weeping variety ) to the corner area.


In the above image I have added a Pom Pom topiaried shrub for you to compare looks.


In these last three images I have added a flagstone walkway and a spiral topiary where the peach tree is currently.


My program does not represent slope very well so the wall appears as a short wall but we know the area is sloped.


Landscape Design Update, Pom Pom near the entry, transplanted the Peach Tree, and Dwarf Crape Myrtle at the side.

Spring-Hill-Hardscape-Designer Spring-Hill-TN-Landscape-Designer Spring-Hill-TN-Landscapes-Designer

Newest Design Images – Added Ilex Compacta shrubs in the design.

Pompom-entry-landscape-desing Purple-Peach-Tree-Landscape-design

The 3 small green shrubs in the back are what was added. I am working up the estimate, have a great evening.

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