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Thompsons Station Upscale Back Yard Privacy

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The below image is the first of many to come. The homes in my designs come close in colors and materials, the area the landscape plantings will be in will be exactly to scale and the space will be to scale. I come as close as I can to what your home looks like while spending the maximum amount of time on the landscaping.


New Home Image Below

Things are coming along nicely.


New Back Yard Privacy Landscape

Design Images Below this Point


In the images you can see 3 Hemlocks with a boulder near the entry way to the patio from the driveway, 1 Japanese Maple ( Bloodgood ), 3 Otto Luyken Laurels beneath the Japanese Maple,


3, Hinoki Cypress Cripsii ( golden looking Christmas Tree shaped plants ) near a boulder, 1, Hinoki Cypress Gracillis, next to it are 3 Skip Laurels and ending that row is the existing Crape Myrtle.


The plants take your concentration from the patio area to the new rich textured and colored dense plantings.


This is how you enter the patio area from the driveway. Boulder, and Hemlocks.


The above view is from the back porch area looking toward the bench and columns.  Remember any and all of this can be changed. Behind the bench are Purple Coneflower, and to the left of the second column is Coral Drift Roses.


Surrounding the hot tub are yews similar to the ones in the front yard and to the right and left of the walkway to the hot tub are Spirea similar to the front yard. On the corner of the hot tub is a Dwarf Alberta Spruce.


Below the Crape Myrtle I have some Pink Blooming Veronica.


These laurels will make a great screen and not get to large to manage.


Major Change Images beyond this point ————-



These changes are meant to open up access to the patio and back to the yard as well while working to provide some screening of outside viewers when  you are using the Jacuzzi.


The Hemlocks have all been removed for a more open view to the yard.


In the above image space has been saved for herbs and what the plants that are represented are peppers, garlic, and basil.


As you enter the patio from the driveway Lavender, and Purple Coneflower greet you.


There is a peach tree represented as well in the design.


The above view is from stepping out of the door to the back porch.


In the above image the island of grasses is to your back.


 ***** Newest Changes – More Ornamental Grasses added and Openings to Patio Widened.


I got your email about adding more ornamental grasses and so I changed the shape of the beds to allow better access to the patio while screening with grasses.


From the above view you can see how this design looks from the field, on the left there are some Miscanthus Adagio maiden grasses, Lavender, Purple Coneflower with a Green Mountain Boxwood and Hinoki Cypress.

In the bed that is straight away you can see Otto Luyken Laurels, a Peach Tree, three large grasses to be determined.


In this above image I changed the seating area to a texture and color that contrasts better. In the bed behind the seating area I have Blue Festuca Grass or it could be Lemon Grass depending on what you like more.


In this above image we can see the opening to the yard is enlarged by pulling the garden bed on the right in a little.


The above image is the view from the street.


I made this image so you could see the pathways to the yard through the beds.


And lastly in this image on the left  you can see the Sweet Olive shrubs ( I need to confirm that there is enough sunlight for those and if they won’t work a great option is Juddii Viburnum ).

Under the Sweet Olive is Parsley and on the right just under the Skipp Laurels is a Rosemary.


There have been some last minute changes where now the  bed is one large bed and the boulders are added back in to the image.

* These Three Below Give a Better Look at the Final Images *


As you can see some Irises have been added to add a different form and shape as well as some other blooming plants.


The white plumes on the grass aren’t exactly how the plumes will look. The plants in the images are the sizes that my design program allows me to select them.

Actual plants that are being planted will vary on size depending on availability.


I hope these last three images of this landscape design help for you to see how full the beds could be. I have sent the details of the project

to your email address and am prepared to make any changes necessary just let me know how you would like to proceed.

Talk to you soon.



I  have suggested a plant in the back yard space because of the total sun nature of the area.

Here is a link to the plant. Sweet Olive ( Osmanthus Fragrans )

Please feel free to send any links to images you have seen online that give me an idea of something you have seen that you like.


Thank you for using our Landscape Design service for your back yard space.

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