Traditional Colonial Home

As of the start of June 2018 a one time landscape design change update will be offered at the time of visiting clients homes for an additional charge. There will not be any changes offered in the flat rate for landscape design. Night time lighting and video fly throughs can be purchased for an additional charge.
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Design Update – Very Basic Images

Basic Home Basic Image 2 Basic Image 3

Hi there these are some very basic images. I will be sending another email letting you know when I will have the design done.

Landscape Design Images:

Colonial-Design-5 Colonial-Design-6 Colonial-Design-7 Colonial-Design-8 Colonial-Design-9 Colonial-Design-10 Colonial-Design-11 Colonial-Design-12 Colonial-Design-13

The above images represent a top down view of the major areas.

Below are images that show an overview:

Colonial-Design-14 Colonial-Design-15 Colonial-Design-16 Colonial-Design-17 Colonial-Design-18 Colonial-Design-19

The Driveway Entrance:


There is a diagram of the measurements for this area at the very top of these new images. In these driveway entrance you can see Magnolias, Columnar Hornbeams, Maiden Grasses, White Blooming Crape Myrtles, American Boxwoods, Little Lime Hydrangea, Green Mountain Boxwoods, and a bluish purplish blooming perennial which could be one of many like Blue Fortune Agistache, almost any Lavender, and many Salvias.


The height of the wall is 5′ with the columns slightly taller. The brick is the same as your home and on the driveway is a gray cobble with a cobble border. This is common with Traditional Colonial homes.

Colonial-Design-22 Colonial-Design-23 Colonial-Design-24 Colonial-Design-25

The Fence with Columns:


The columns are spaced about 12′ apart so there is a column for every second post. If you have 8′ sections of the fence you build it would look similar if you did the same ( every other post ).


The Pond with Fountain:


The above fountain is a simple representation of a pond in the general area, if we talk more about the pond and decide you would still want to see the rectangular pond with brick border I can do that as well. It has taken me awhile to get this update to you so I wanted to send it where it was at this time.

Circle Driveway and Entrance Landscaping:


At your home you have a low growing red rose so I included them in the design. In a traditional colonial design repetition is important.

Colonial-Design-30 Colonial-Design-31

Most of the same plants from the entrance are around other than a few additions like these English Boxwoods under the fountain.


The low hedges of plants are English Boxwoods. Carefully placed Magnolias screen some views which makes traveling around the property pleasant.


The taller evergreens in this photo above are Liberty Hollies, they are also used below near the home as well.

Colonial-Design-34 Colonial-Design-35 Colonial-Design-36 Colonial-Design-37

If you look to the left on the above image you can see two types of grasses, Karly Rose which makes a pink plume late in the season andĀ  bluish green upright grass. There are a couple of different ones that can go with this look.


I have three walls in the landscape to add some structure to the beds and interest. They make a space grand.


The Parking Area:


The parking lot can hold 18 cars the way it is without anyone having to ask anyone else to move, this can begin to take up a lot of space so I wanted to present it this way showing that no one is parked in the circle and it is a total of 20 with the two on the road leading into the parking area.

Colonial-Design-41 Colonial-Design-42

The Basketball Court:


I remember you saying the basketball court didn’t need to be a full regulation court. This is a typical Highschool sized court which is a few feet smaller.

The Backyard, Hot tub and Pool Area:


From the above walkway you are lead down a path to the Hot tub area and pool area. The plants along the home are Hicksii Yews, Little Lime Hydrangea, Green Mountain Boxwoods, and a Magnolia.

Colonial-Design-45 Colonial-Design-46 Colonial-Design-47

Here you can see the hot tub is hidden from prying eyes with some screening.


This above view is from inside the addition looking out toward the small building for changing and guests.

Colonial-Design-49 Colonial-Design-50 Colonial-Design-51

This above view is looking back toward the home.

Colonial-Design-52 Colonial-Design-53 Colonial-Design-54

The above image shows a good location for an outdoor kitchen space.


The Last Side Yard:

Colonial-Design-56 Colonial-Design-57 Colonial-Design-58 Colonial-Design-59

Remember these are just images and everything can be changed. Take some time to write down all of your ideas so I can make changes.

Full Update:

Colonial-Design-60 Colonial-Design-62 Colonial-Design-64 Colonial-Design-63

The above images help to see how large the parking area would be if we made it 45′ from the garage and 10′ back from the house. I put two cars to show how backing up would be and what the space would look like.

Colonial-Design-61 Colonial-Design-65 Colonial-Design-66

In the above images you can see a hot tub where the water spills back into the pool at theĀ  middle of the side of the pool. When I get back into town I will be back to work on your update immediately.

Changes to Front and Back:


Hi there I haven’t moved the grilling area yet and when I do it will take me a good amount of time so I wanted to forward you what I have so far for this update other than that. I am going for a more beachy scene here in these images.


I added a bar area under an umbrella but it could be something else as a cover. I am showing you this new area just to open your mind to the possibilities.


In the above image you can see there is a place to sunbathe as well. Boulders, grasses, and palms are great items in beach type scenes so those are the landscape items.

Colonial-Design-70 Colonial-Design-71 Colonial-Design-72 Colonial-Design-73 Colonial-Design-74

I also added some boulders around the hottub area for interest.

Colonial-Design-75 Colonial-Design-76 Colonial-Design-77 Colonial-Design-78


Here in the front yard I have changed the circle area a couple of ways. Where the landscape bed on the right meets up with the circle the driveway is smaller, and the circle in the middle has more landscape area with plants.

Colonial-Design-79 Colonial-Design-81

Take a look at these and give me some feedback and in the next update I will have the grilling area in the covered area.

Last Update: Inside the back screened room.

Colonial-Design-61 Colonial-Design-60

I hope these images help to visualize inside of the elevated screened room off of the back of the house. Have a great evening.




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