Welcoming Front yard

As of the start of June 2018 a one time landscape design change update will be offered at the time of visiting clients homes for an additional charge. There will not be any changes offered in the flat rate for landscape design. Night time lighting and video fly throughs can be purchased for an additional charge.
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First Basic Images.

Basic Home

Basic Home2

Basic Home3

I hope your weekend is going well. These are the first basic images, next will be the completed design posted here in three days.

You will be receiving an email letting you know they are here.

Newest Landscape Design Images:


In these images you will notice some strong changes including ones you may not expect. I will be able to change anything and everything you like, my purpose is to expose you to the possibilities.


Some things you will notice are a Red Japanese Maple ( Bloodgood, or Emperor1 possibly ), a Natchez Crape Myrtle in the center of the yard and a new stone walkway. Your red brick home goes well with gray as a complimentary color. On the home I added columns and a cover over the entryway.

Crape-Myrtle-Landscape-Franklin TN

From this view you can see that I have moved the mail box from the driveway side to the walkway side since now the walk is much more pleasurable. In the design are Annabelle Hydrangea, Green Mountain Boxwoods, Maiden Grass, a Yellow Coneflower, and boulders with a brown mulch.

Driveway-Landscape-Franklin TN

The larger evergreens are Liberty Hollies or Oakland Hollies, the Liberty Hollies are a slow grower maxing out at 8′ tall.


From this view you can see the Hollies and behind them is a Coral Bark Japanese Maple, there is also a Annabelle Hydrangea to the left.


Here is the view from behind the island of plantings.

Landscaping-Franklin-TN Landscape-Design-Franklin-TN Stone-Walkway-Franklin-TN

In the above view  you can see there is a low brick wall with English Boxwoods on the street side while there is Lavender, Hyssop, or Salvia ( these are interchangable in the design for the purple plant).


The Yellow are the Coneflower, the conical evergreen is a Green Mountain Boxwood, and the white flowers are Annabelle Hydrangea.

Decorative-Wall-Franklin-TN Perennial-Garden-Franklin-TN Upscale-Landscape-Franklin-TN Birdbath-Landscape-Design-Franklin TN

I saved the Hosta for around the birdbath, in the corner is a Gold Dust Aucuba.

Hydrangea-Landscape-Franklin TN

I know this is a drastic change from where it is now. I wanted to open up the view from inside the home to a new relaxed pleasant view. Now I need your feedback on the ideas presented here. Feel free to use the form below and texting is another way to send messages that works well. We can also talk anytime for making changes or having me start over.

First Change : Island items moved to side of garage, remove wall, size of the bed change.


In this set of images the walkway has been changed to Tremron Stonehurst Sierra which has some gray, tan, and brown.


Some of the elements from the island on the right side of the home have been added to a bed against the wall.


The brick wall in the garden bed has been removed entirerly and the walkway expanded a little by the driveway to be where when the car door is opened you can step out onto the pavers.

Landscape-Design-43 Landscape-Design-44 Landscape-Design-45 Landscape-Design-46 Landscape-Design-47 Landscape-Design-48 Landscape-Design-49 Landscape-Design-50

In the above view you can see how the paver area is expanded a little for convenience.


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